Seahorse Plankton+ Ultimate Age-Defying Skin Kit

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The ultimate routine for age-defying, younger looking skin!

This kit has everything you need for a targeted skincare routine that lifts, firms and evens skin day and night. The range is powered by our unique blend of microalgae which is scientifically proven to boost collagen levels and protect skin against harmful pollution, to both treat signs of aging and prevent further signs.

What's Included:

The Results:

Skin that is renewed and protected from dawn until dusk; healthy, hydrated and luminous.

    Supporting The Seahorse Trust.

    Zero Plastic Inside.


    Cruelty Free International.

    Certifications of Seahorse Plankton+ Ultimate Skin Kit

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    Seahorse Plankton+ Facial Cleansing Konjac Sponge
    Before use, rinse under warm water and use with your favourite cleanser. Better than your cloth or muslin, this will gently cleanse.

    Seahorse Plankton+ Revitalising Gel Cleanser 
    Massage into damp skin using circular motions. Remove using a konjac sponge and warm water.

    Seahorse Plankton+ High Definition Facial Oil 
    Apply 4 or 5 drops twice daily, to your cleansed face and neck, using circular motions. Use before applying moisturiser, BB Cream or make-up as an excellent skin smoothing base.

    Seahorse Plankton+ Really Radiant Moisturiser
    Apply a small amount to face, neck and décolletage using a ‘dab and pat’ method in circular motions.

    Seahorse Plankton+ 5 Minute Miracle Mask
    Apply thin layer to face, neck and décolletage and leave for 5 minutes or longer. Remove with a konjac sponge and warm water.

    Seahorse Plankton+ Bright Night Intensive Cream:
    Apply generously and massage into face and neck before bed.

    Seahorse Plankton+ Bright Eyes Probiotic Serum
    Dab & pat' from under eye up to the brow bone. Finish with circular motions.

    Seahorse Plankton+ Super Glow Active Mist
    Shake well and spray six inches away face. Pat into skin.

    Seahorse Plankton+  Beauty Boost BB Cream
    Apply in small dots to forehead, cheeks, nose and skin and then blend into skin with fingers or a natural sponge.

    Every element of this packaging has been designed with reusability in mind. Either reuse the packaging yourself, or send it back to us for free and we’ll wash and reuse it in our next batch. Learn more about Return · Refill · Repeat.

    How we designed this packaging with sustainability in mind

    Aluminium Bottles – Did you know that about 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in use today? It’s widely recycled with home recycling, but reusing your bottles is much more sustainable! Return them to us and we will wash and reuse them.

    Pump – Unlike most pumps, our pumps are fully recyclable.  They contain different types of plastic and a small bit of metal, so need to be broken down for recycling. Return them to us with the rest of your packaging and we’ll take care of that for you!

    Rock Paper Labels – The most sustainable water-resistant material we can find. It’s 80% limestone dust (a “waste” product) and is made using no water and no bleach. Applied using ultra low-tack adhesive so they can be easily removed for reusing bottles and jars.

    Konjac sponge - This entire product is compostable. The sponge, the string handle and even the packaging. When finished, you can reuse the sponge as a water reservoir for your houseplants.

    Glass Bottles - These are all made using recycled glass. They’re widely recycled with home recycling (or you can return them to us)

    Pipettes  - Our pipettes consist of three parts. First, the glass tube and 100% recycled plastic collar - carefully pull the glass tube away from the collar, both parts are widely recycled with home recycling.  The third part - the rubber bulb - is not widely recycled, but if you return your packaging to us we can wash and reuse the glass and tube and collar and the rubber bulb will be remade into something new.

    Glass Jars - These are all made using recycled glass. They’re widely recycled with home recycling, or for an even more sustainable option, return them to us and we will wash and reuse them.

    Plastic Jar Lids – Our lids are made from 100% recycled plastic and are widely recycled with home recycling. Whilst most jar lids have an insert glued into the lid in August 2019 we redesigned ours to have no glue so that the white insert can be easily removed and the lid reused. Return them to us and we’ll wash and reuse them for the next batch.  

    Boxes – We’ve designed our boxes to protect the glass inside, so we can minimise the use of packaging when sending orders. All of our boxes are made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) card and vegetable inks. They’re widely recycled with home recycling or you can return them to us to reuse.