Why Do We Value the B Corp Movement?

B Corp month is coming to an end and we are incredibly proud of how much awareness has been raised - to the point where we have now hit the milestone of 500 certified B Corps in the UK!

To round the month off, our founder Jo chatted to Green Elephant Show all about our B Corp status and what it really means to us. First of all, the show exists to raise critical issues around climate, environment, social issues and sustainability so we jumped at the chance to be a part!

This month they have been celebrating B Corps and we all want to use our voice as a Force for Good.

So...why do we value the B Corp Movement?

We always want to strive to be better, and the B Corp framework allows us to do just this! Being a part of the B Corp community is a global network of likeminded businesses working towards the same goal of choosing people over profit. This eliminates the competitiveness as we are all striving for better business.

It’s about being committed to acting in a sustainable and transparent way while meeting the highest environmental and social standards...how could you not value this! 

"I'm a big believer in assimilating from within. Everybody needs to get on this journey of sustainability if we are really going to make the big impacts and make the changes quickly" - Jo Chidley (Founder of Beauty Kitchen).

Watch the full chat below!