Beyond Net Zero

We chatted to the B Corp certified Greenhouse PR recently as part of B Corp month and their new 'Beyond Zero' audio series! They are celebrating the B Corps that are on a mission to reach net zero beyond.

“If you’re a certified B Corp, you have the framework, you have the support, and you very much have the community to be able to learn from other businesses." - Jo Chidley, our Founder

We are at a critical moment where it’s essential that we cut net global carbon emissions by 45% in the next decade, reaching net zero by 2050. But, what if businesses could go one step further, reaching net zero and beyond by 2030. We’ll be interviewing game changing organisations throughout B Corp month to find out how we can create and communicate a net zero future. The B Corp accreditation has huge potential to inspire more businesses to drive positive and meaningful action on climate change.

What is Net Zero to Jo Chidley?

"Net zero refers to achieving an overall balance between emissions produced and emissions taken out of the atmosphere, like a bath with the taps on, an approach to achieving this balance could either be to turn down the taps – the emissions – or to drain an equal amount down the plug by removal of emissions from the atmosphere, which would include storage of emissions such as carbon sinks."

Listen to the full audio show below to find out how we are on our way to Net Zero!