Vegan Vitamin Gummies in 100% Plastic Free Packaging

We've only gone and launched a range of vegan vitamin gummies - say hello to Vitamin Kitchen! Created with natural ingredients in environmentally friendly paper packaging, it’s Wellbeing For You and The Planet.

One in three of us (in the UK) take vitamins every day, but we want to pose the question "how many of your daily vitamins are packaged in plastic?". Single use plastic bottles, jars, sachets, pouches, blister packs, you name it. It’s now estimated that the UK Vitamins industry alone creates over 100 million single use plastic bottles a year...


At Beauty Kitchen we believe sustainability should be easy, and your beauty routine is a great place to start on this journey, but what about the rest of your daily routine? 

That's where Vitamin Kitchen comes into play. Vitamin gummies backed by science, in 100% plastic free paper packaging. Considering both wellbeing and the planet at the same time, we are making it easy for us all to make that plastic free, sustainable swap. 

Whether you’re after a one-stop multivitamin, a boost for immunity or a daily beauty treat for hair, skin and nails, we've got you covered with three plant powered products that meet a variety of requirements to nourish from the inside out. You could say it's beauty, from within! Each pouch contains 60 gummies, enough to last you one month. 

Vegan Hair Skin & Nails Vitamin Gummies

  • Targeted beauty support to nourish hair, skin & nails for super shine, strength & glow
  • Formulated with scientifically proven ingredients Biotin (5000 ug) which improves your body’s keratin infrastructure, Zinc to help strengthen brittle nails & hair, and Vitamin C to help boost skin collagen
  • All with a fresh raspberry flavour

Vegan Immunity Muscle & Bone Vitamin D3 Gummies


  • Your daily burst of sunshine to boost your immune system and support healthy muscles & bones
  • 25μg of Vitamin D3 (1000 IU) per gummy - 500% of our minimum recommended daily intake
  • All with a zesty lemon flavour

Health & Vitality Multi-Vitamin Vegan Gummies

  • Packed with 13 scientifically proven nutrients including Vitamins A through to E, as well as Zinc & Folic Acid all in 1 gummy!
  • Supports overall wellbeing and provides a daily boost of the essential nutrients our bodies need to help with immunity, fatigue, muscle function, nervous system & more

Made with scientifically proven and high quality, plant-based ingredients, all 3 of the lineup are gluten free, allergen free, gelatin free, non-GMO, cruelty free and suitable for vegan diets. Vegan friendly, the chewable vitamins contain plant-based pectin instead of gelatin!

We've naturally flavoured our vitamins with lemon, raspberry, and berry to provide a delicious taste without any artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours whatsoever AND we made sure they were an easy to consumer gummy format! 
Standing by our mission “Effective, Natural, Sustainable”, our new Vitamin Kitchen range of course provides effective support for wellbeing, plant-based ingredients with natural flavours, and zero waste kraft packaging that’s made from a sustainable source that absolutely does not contribute to deforestation.

As with all of our products, 2% of sales (not profits!) are donated to charitable organisations such as Plastic Soup Foundation, a non-profit marine conservation organisation that aims to reduce plastic pollution.

Available NOW as single pouches or as multipacks! Stay tuned for more...