The Art of Self Care

Self-care is a term we hear often, but how many of us really dedicate the time to recharge, relax and ensure we radiate the most healthy and happy version of ourselves?

It’s easier said than done of course, but we believe it’s the little things that can also make an impact to your wellness. We’ve asked everyone at Beauty Kitchen what their favourite simple acts of self-care are to recharge and relax, and we thought we’d share them!

Getting back to Nature

Visiting the outdoors is a great chance to clear your head and take in the beauty of your surroundings. Whether it’s a walk to your local park with a friend or a step outside alone in your back garden, the next time your outside really try to engage with where you are. Notice the smell of air, the rustling of leaves, the feeling of the wind in your hair.
Staying In

A bit contradictory to our previous point but making a conscious decision to stay in should also be relished. It’s about balance, and if the pandemic taught us one thing, it was learning to indulge in our own company. Remember that it’s completely okay not to say yes to every social request that comes your way!

Put the kettle on, change into your comfies, get out that book or stick on that movie you’ve been craving to get into and truly chill out. 


A morning and night skincare routine is the prime opportunity to dedicate downtime to focus solely on yourself and every minute of your routine should be enjoyed. Our Seahorse Plankton+ skincare renews and protects skin from daily stresses, leaving ultra-hydrated, firm and bright skin. It’s everything you need to re-create an at home spa experience. Breathe in the relaxing scent of blue chamomile, seaweed, cedarwood and frankincense, and prepare to unwind…


Keeping a journal or diary can be a way to document your personal goals and achievements. Taking the time to write can be a healing way to express your current emotions, plan your days ahead and highlight positive moments that you have experienced or are grateful for, no matter how big or small. 


Vitamins are great to supplement a healthy diet to help maintain health and wellbeing. Whether you’re after a one-stop multivitamin, a boost for immunity or a daily beauty treat for hair, skin and nails, we've got you covered with three plant powered products that meet a variety of requirements to nourish from the inside out.

Embrace Mindfulness

Meditation is also a lovely way to embrace a positive mindset. We love following mindful apps like Headspace and Calm for tips on meditation and sleep.

These are just a few ideas that you can include in your daily ritual as an act of self care. Let us know if you have others to include!