Seahorse Plankton+ Autumn Hydration Bundle

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Our nourishing Seahorse Plankton+ essentials to keep skin hydrated when the weather gets colder. 

Give your skin a burst of hydration and soothe redness with this kit! 

What's Included: 

Really Radiant Moisturiser 60ml - our best-selling day cream, packed with shea butter and our unique microalgae blend that hydrates and protects skin from daily pollution damage.

High Definition Facial Oil 30ml - our potent facial oil; lightweight and nourishing, it plumps fine lines and leaves skin bright and radiant by boosting collagen synthesis! 

Organic Facial Cleansing Bar - a solid to foaming cleanser that leaves skin feeling clean without stripping it of its moisture.

Ultra Restore Hand Cream 60ml - a rich, nourishing hand cream to keep hands - the first area to suffer as the seasons change - soft, supple and moisturised.

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