NEW Daily Bath and Shower Body Polisher

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Your plastic free, unbleached, washable alternative to synthetic body polishers. Perfect for daily washing to smooth and even skin whilst you shower. Made from 100% ramie and sisal fibres which are a natural material.

What It Does: 

  • Dual-sided – one side for gentle cleansing and one side for light exfoliation
  • Easy to use - round, palm sized polisher with handle for quick and effective results
  • Zero plastic - the polisher and packaging is eco friendly, 100% natural and compostable
  • Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Microplastic Free
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin
  • Size: approx 13cm diameter

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Ramie, Cotton & Sisal blend

Run under warm water until damp and add your favourite body wash, lather up and cleanse using circular motions. Alter sides depending on whether you want to cleanse or lightly exfoliate. Rinse well and hang to dry after use.

Caution: due to the polisher being made from ramie, cotton and sisal fibres, it may discolour over time. 

This product is natural and handmade so each individual product may vary slightly in appearance.

This product is entirely natural! Unlike most body polishers, this one is 100% plastic free. It can be recycled along with the card sleeve when you no longer want it anymore.