Body Cleansing Konjac Body Cloth

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For Perfectly Smooth Skin!

Our Konjac Cloth is a 100% natural body cloth made from plant roots, for everyday gentle cleansing and exfoliation. A sustainable alternative to plastic sponges and flannels.

What It Does: 

  • Gently cleanses, leaving skin clean, glowing and silky smooth
  • Infused with charcoal extract to cleanse impurities from skin
  • Zero plastic - the sponge and packaging is eco friendly, 100% natural and compostable
  • Konjac is an ancient beauty staple from Asia, made from dried vegetable roots
  • Vegan, Cruelty Free & Microplastic Free
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin
Size: approx 18cm x 18cm

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Made from 100% natural konjac plant roots, with charcoal.

Rinse under water to saturate the sponge, before wringing it out so that it is damp. Add your favourite body wash and squeeze to create a bubbly lather before brushing it over your body in ciruclar motions. Hang to dry. Use for up to 3 months.

Our packaging is made from sustainably sourced cardboard which can be composted or recycled! Konjac sponge is also biodegradable so this product is zero waste.