We’re working in partnership with Plastic Soup Foundation - an amazing organisation that takes action to save our oceans from plastic pollution and well, stop it from turning into a big pot of plastic soup.

With over 95% of beauty packaging being thrown out after just one use, and over 1.5 million microplastics found in popular anti-wrinkle creams, the beauty industry plays a big part in plastic pollution and marine debris. Working alongside Plastic Soup Foundation and a community of other sustainable beauty brands, we’re here to change that.

Zero Plastics Inside

All of our products have been certified with Plastic Soup Foundation’s ‘Zero Plastics Inside’ badge - this means that there are absolutely no microplastics in our products.

Return • Refill • Repeat

Over 95% of beauty packaging is thrown out after one use, but we’re here to change that. Send your packaging back to us and we’ll wash and reuse it, helping to save on ocean pollution.

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Supporting Plastic Soup Foundation

We donate 1% of every sale we make to support Plastic Soup Foundation and the work they’re doing to save our oceans and protect them against plastic waste.