Natruline Vegan Cut Out


BEAUTY KITCHEN UK LIMITED, of 121 NETHERTON STREET, WISHAW, ML2 0EF has made the following legal declaration in relation to the products listed in this schedule:

I am the manufacturer. I certify that these products meet the safety requirements set out under UK and EU legislation, specifically: EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009. Beauty Kitchen’s products are currently sold on the EU market. These products are manufactured in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice standards set out in UK and EU law. The products were manufactured in United Kingdom.


Beauty product packaging has an even bigger impact on the environment than the ingredients. We’re leaders in the change towards a more sustainable beauty industry.

We use cradle 2 cradle standards for responsible sourcing:

Material Re-utilisation

  1. Designing products made with materials that come from and can safely return to nature or industry.

  2. Maximise the percentage of rapidly renewable materials or recycled content used in a product

  3. Maximise the percentage of materials that can be safely reused, recycled, or composted at the product’s end of use

  4. Designate your product as technical (can safely return to industry) and/or biological (can safely return to nature)

Through innovative solutions, which includes our returnable packaging scheme where our customer send us there empty packaging & we wash & reuse, pre-cycling and minimised packaging, we’re putting the environment first long before our products even reach our customers, and are constantly looking for new ways to make our packaging even more sustainable.