In 2017, we became the first beauty brand in the UK to be a certified B Corporation - something we’re really proud of. But what does it mean to be a B Corporation?

B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. That means considering the impact our decisions have on workers, customers, suppliers, community and of course, the environment. In other words, it’s all about using business as a force for good.

Here are some of the ways we’re living up to our B-Corp values:

Sustainable Ingredients logo

Beauty Without the Beasts

No synthetic ingredients. No microplastics. No animal testing. Our products are made with only sustainably-sourced natural ingredients.

Giveback beauty logo

Beauty that Gives Back

Beauty that Gives Back For every sale we make, we donate 2% to our sustainable charity partners. We choose a percentage of sales, instead of profits, because it means that no matter what, we’re always giving back..

Made in the United Kingdom stamp

British Beauty

We develop our products here in the UK for two reasons: 1) our products travel less as they’re made locally and so, have a reduced carbon footprint and 2) we play our part in building a more sustainable ecosystem by creating jobs in local communities

“Becoming the first beauty brands in the UK to be a certified B Corporation is probably one of my proudest moments with Beauty Kitchen, because it’s about having a purpose and playing a part towards a much bigger goal for ourselves and future generations"

- Our Founder, Jo