Cruelty Free, Always

We never have and never will test our products on animals, and we will do everything to support campaigns against animal testing within the beauty industry to help end this.

The Leaping Bunny Programme

The Leaping Bunny Programme by Cruelty Free International is regarded as the global gold standard for cruelty free . It was originally established in the 1990s by their international coalition of animal protection organisations, and the certification is the best indicator to showcase that a company has made a genuine commitment to never test on animals. A company must continually meet rigorous criteria which apply globally and extend over and above laws governing animal testing to maintain this certification.


Beauty Kitchen is a 100% certified cruelty free business, and we can honestly say that we have never tested our products or ingredients on animals, have never commissioned animal testing for our products and we always ensure that our manufacturers and suppliers follow these same principles. All new ingredients are researched and reviewed deeply by our New Product Development Team before launch, and we strive to campaign against animal testing within the beauty industry to help end this.

“Animals shouldn’t have to suffer for our beauty. We have always lived by cruelty free standards since the start of Beauty Kitchen, but I’m so proud to have this officially supported by The Leaping Bunny Programme’s gold standard so our customers have that reassurance too.” - Jo Chidley, Founder of Beauty Kitchen