Beauty That Gives Back

As a team, we are constantly inspired by the kindness we see from our customers and communities to give back for people and planet.

Our Charitable Values

We support sustainably minded partners and our local communities by giving and campaigning alongside them as much as we possible can. All year, we donate 2% of sales (not profits) to charitable organisations and places of work that have needed our support, these are just a few of the ways we have helped:


Founded in 1996 by HRH the Prince of Wales, In Kind Direct are a UK charity focused on distributing and providing access to donated consumer products to their network of charitable organisations.

Since 2019, we have donated over £200K worth of product through In Kind Direct to help 869 charitable organisations that support a variety of projects including, education, youth care, emergency relief, schools and family welfare.


Set up in 1999, The Seahorse Trust campaigns to preserve and conserve the marine environment, using seahorses as their flagship species.

Most recently, we have supported their Studland Seahorse Project, focused on Studland Bay in Dorset, now a Marine Conservation Zone which will ensure that the existing laws will be enforced to protect and improve the habitat for species like Spiny seahorses. 


The Plastic Soup Foundation was founded in 2011, with a dedicated mission to share knowledge on and campaign against plastic pollution and microplastics.

We are proud to be a Gold Business Angel for Plastic Soup Foundation meaning that we pursue an active policy to reduce the use of single use plastic and try to prevent leakage to the environment.


We have partnered with Eco-Soap Bank, a non-profit organisation working to provide sufficient hygiene to remote regions of developing nations.

So far, Eco Soap Bank have donated 9 million soaps to schools, health clinics and village communities as well as supplying handwashing training to over 3.5 million individuals. We have donated the equivalent of 3.5K soap bars so far!


Earthly are another B Corp certified business, and we are working with them as part of their reforestation project located in Madagascar. The project focusses on combatting the impact that deforestation has had on Madagascar’s mangroves whilst lifting local communities out of permanent poverty by creating work.

Over 75% of the world’s species is found in Madagascar, which is why it is so important to us to replace the mangroves and protect what is left. We have helped to plant 5K+ mangrove trees so far.



Social Impact

Being a responsible business is part of our brand DNA and has been since we began. We only ever want to instill practices and policies that can have a positive influence on the world.

Ethical Trading & Modern Slavery

Slavery, whether in the form of servitude, forced labour or human trafficking, is not accepted in any part of our business. When reviewing and auditing the ethics of who we buy from and sell, we are measuring the social impact of our business right down to our supply chain, where we have introduced a supplier code of conduct duty to trade responsibly.

A zero tolerance to slavery and human trafficking is integral to us. To ensure all those in our supply chain and contractors comply with our values, we operate in line with principles of responsible sourcing, including paying employees at the prevailing minimum wage applicable within their relevant county of operations.

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Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion both in the workplace and supporting external causes who believe in the same principles. When looking internally at our own business and culture, we have and will further commit to following B Corp Diversity & Inclusion principles in the workplace - even more so as we continue to grow our small team.

Externally, we are dedicated to reviewing and auditing the ethics of the people and businesses we work with to ensure that they share the same values that we implement ourselves. We must all be advocates for a regenerative and inclusive future.

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Real Living Wage

Beauty Kitchen are proud to be one of 820 members of the Scottish Business Pledge, where we work to promote fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation in the workplace. This means we pledge to meet the core elements of paying the real Living Wage to our employees, not using Zero Hour Contracts in any way, taking action to address the gap in pay between genders (known as the Gender Pay Gap).

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