Beauty Kitchen’s Hot New Arrivals

Ready for our new and exciting product drops? Say hello to the Seahorse Plankton + Super Soothing Toner and Seahorse Plankton + Facial Cleansing  Bar.

If you’re new to our Seahorse Plankton range here’s what you need to know. Seahorse Plankton is a natural and sustainably sourced Microalgae that is renowned for protecting itself from environmental stresses by producing a unique and powerful blend of antioxidants, omega 3, lipids, and vitamins including A, D, E & K which work hard to deliver many beauty benefits. It  has also been clinically proven to increase collagen production, smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and safeguard skin from pollution and daily aggressors. We combine this wonder ingredient with a whole host of other skin-loving, 100% natural ingredients like Sea Kelp, Angelica, Frankincense Gum Oil, and Blue Chamomile so your complexion has all the nutrients it needs for better skin health. 

Thanks to the love Beauty Editors and customers have shown our Seahorse Plankton range, we’re now pleased to introduce two new additions to the line-up.

Seahorse Plankton + Super Soothing Toner
Making waves in the beauty world, our award-winning toner preps the skin after cleansing so you can get deeper absorption and effectiveness from your moisturisers and serums. Seahorse Plankton takes on a starring role and helps to balance and soothe the skin while the injection of Seaweed Extract boosts moisture levels so skin looks radiant and glowy. As we only use natural and sustainability-sourced ingredients, this is the perfect toner for all skin types and is a firm favourite for those with sensitive skin types as it helps to relieve irritations and redness. It’s no wonder that this has become one of our best-sellers.

Seahorse Plankton + Facial Cleansing  Bar
We’ve dubbed this as a ‘Spa in a Bar’ and for good reason. This concentrated soap-free cleanser is a luxurious solid bar/ foam hybrid. Simply, add warm water to create a luxurious foam that removes makeup and impurities while delivering a fresh spa-like aroma that indulges and soothes the senses. Featuring our signature Seahorse Plankton to calm irritated skin and moisturising Coconut Oil to cleanse and hydrate, this must-try cleansing bar deserves a special place in everyone’s skincare routine. Try it now and trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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