How can we reduce our use of Single Plastic at home- ultimately to eliminate all Plastic?

Shedding light on Beauty Kitchen

 2024’s Earth Day theme was ‘Planet vs Plastics’ are committed to ending plastics to benefit both human and planetary health. They ask that we come together to action a 60% reduction in the production of all plastics within the next 16 years (by 2040).

We know that plastic is a danger to all living creatures and that it disrupts the delicate equilibrium of life on earth. They press for a rapid phase out of all single use plastics with the utilisation of innovative technologies and materials to build a plastic-free world.

The world is already inundated with single use plastic packaging waste and recycling is not going to solve the problem. There are concerns over what actually happens to the packaging we carefully recycle at home.

A Greenpeace report states that thousands of tonnes of our household plastic packaging put out for recycling ends up going into landfill or ‘toxic chemical leaching’ waste incinerators. It has been reported that, sadly, half of UK’s plastic recycling is sent abroad to countries that are known to dump or burn plastic waste illegally.

What is the solution?

Reuseable & Refillable packaging is widely agreed as the best solution moving forward. Beauty Kitchen does just this, eliminating single use packaging waste by reusing their packaging to support a circular economy. Empties can be sent to Beauty Kitchen. 

They remove inserts and labels, then wash the packaging and send to their fulfilment team to reuse for the next batch of products. Beauty Kitchen partners with Reposit (Reuse programme)  to create a universal, professional-refillable, reusable packaging platform.

The 2020 British Beauty Council survey revealed that 88% of consumers want to buy refillable beauty products, and that 88% of those surveyed expected brands and retailers to help them live more sustainably. Beauty Kitchen found that 92% of consumers would switch brands for a brand with refillable packaging! 

How it works for your customers:

  1. Enjoy Beauty Kitchen award-winning products.
  2. Simply collect and return their empties back to Beauty Kitchen by generating a Freepost label using the QR code on the product label.
  3. The packaging is then washed and refilled with another amazing Beauty Kitchen product.

Who is Beauty Kitchen?

Beauty Kitchen is certified BCorp- they are the highest-scoring beauty brand in Europe! Born out of co-founder Jo Chidley's love of beauty products, but frustration at finding it hard to come by truly effective products that considered sustainable ingredients as well as packaging.

Beauty Kitchen are known for their effective, natural and sustainable products, all crafted to the Beauty Kitchen Promise:  

  • First, the products have to really work!
  • Second, they have to give great results with only natural ingredients.
  • Third, they have to be sustainable, both inside and out.  

Made in the UK, the range calls upon scientifically proven formulations that give incredible results, crafted from natural ingredients such as seahorse plankton and Abyssinian Oil. As well as being certified cruelty-free, 95% of products are certified vegan by The Vegan Society.

Every product in the award-winning range has been designed with sustainability at its heart. Their anti-aging range is supercharged with a unique blend of sustainable -sourced Seahorse Plankton to brighten and renew skin, proven to boost collagen.

This natural microalga is grown in a carbon neutral environment -the microalgae absorb CO2 and releases oxygen, a process used to generate power in the facility, with the extra electricity sold back to the grid.

 Join us in tackling the plastics pandemic with Beauty Kitchen!