The Perfect Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise Routine

Through the day, our skin gets exposed to the elements, dirt and pollution which can lead to clogged pores, skin dullness and discoloration. Did you know that prolonged exposure to pollution is one of the number one causes of premature skin aging? Adding a regular and simple “less is more” three step skincare routine, whatever your skin type, ensures that your skin remains hydrated, protected, and healthy in the long run. So, let’s take get ready to take on the day with this easy Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise routine!


Step 1 - Cleanse

Cleansing helps to remove any build-up, impurities, and dirt that your skin has encountered throughout the day or overnight. This step works to unclog pores, brighten skin, and clear any breakouts that have flared up, whilst supporting skin renewal and general health.  

Choose a cleanser that is kind to skin and won’t cause aggravation. Our Revitalising Gel Cleanser, contains organic shea butter and sweet almond oil that cools, calms and cleanses skin in a gentle but effective way. The microalgae extracts hydrate the skin rather than stripping it, leaving skin bright and radiant.

Apply the cleanser using circular motions for around 60 seconds to support blood flow, using luke-warm water - this is important! Freezing cold water can shock the skin and water that is too hot can strip your skin of the protective oils that help to lock in moisture.


Step 2 - Tone

Once you have rinsed your face and patted the skin dry with a towel to avoid further aggravation, it’s time for step 2. The function of toning is to help get rid of any excess dirt you may have missed while cleansing, whilst eliminating any dead skin cells that could cause future breakouts or clogged pores. Toning works to stabilise the skin’s natural pH level, calming the skin and helping the development of healthy skin cells.

The best toners for any skin type are alcohol free ones in our opinion (great for sensitive skin types too) like our Super Soothing Toner, which contains refreshing seaweed extracts to add a burst of moisturiser. The essential oils in this toner also work to balance and soothe skin, so it’s prepped and ready for step 3 of your routine. Top tip: apply using a Reusable Cleansing Pad and gently sweep across your face and neck.


Step 3 - Moisturise

Our skin needs to be replenished each morning and night to help tackle the elements in the day and promote healthy skin while we rest. Water constantly evaporates from the deeper layers of our skin, known as trans-epidermal water loss, and moisturisers maintain hydration levels (so you are not left excessively dry or oily) to leave skin more supple, bouncy, and youthful.  

All skin types need moisturisation, even those on the oiler side. Oily skin is often dehydrated and tends to produce more sebum to compensate for the lack of moisture, leading to excessive oiliness and then clogged pores. It’s a vicious cycle.

Take a finger sized amount of a lightweight moisturiser, like our Really Radiant Moisturiser, and apply to your face and décolletage. Applying too much can again, lead to clogged pores and produce blackheads. Remember, less is more! This non-greasy daily moisturiser is powered by two plant-based microalgae that one, protect the skin from pollution and two, promote collagen production. Moisture is locked in and you’ll be left with a healthy looking glow in no time at all.

There we have it, 3 essential steps to radiant skin - we’ve also already created this routine as simple 3 Step Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise Kit!