Spring Skincare Essentials

Spring…everyone loves it. The shining sun, long walks in the park, barbeques in the back garden with friends and family, trips away…there’s so much to love, and so many changes to our skincare essentials. We’ve pulled together some summer skincare tips on how to nourish your skin throughout the season and restore a healthy-looking glow.


Can I Skip Moisturiser?

Noticed your skin becoming oilier and therefore passing on the daily moisturiser? Oily skin is often dehydrated and tends to produce more sebum to compensate for the lack of moisture, leading to excessive oiliness and then clogged pores. It’s a vicious cycle.

Using a balancing moisturiser, or facial oil can help to rebuild the moisture barrier, provide the hydration your skin is craving and even balance oil production. So yes, your skin does need that moisture still. With facial oil, just start out with a ‘less is more’ approach as you only need a couple of drops due to the high concentration of nutrients. Our Hydra Intense Facial Oil contains Abyssinian Oil, which is packed full of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids that replenish, hydrate and balance skin.


Dry Skin & Fine Lines

Prolonged sun exposure and pollution are the number one causes of dry skin and premature skin ageing through the depletion of essential fatty acids, congestion, and collagen degradation.

Our Seahorse Plankton+ skincare range was created with ageing skin in mind. The range is powered by two plant-based microalgae that one, protect the skin from pollution and two, promote collagen production.

We love shifting to a gel-based cleanser that cools and calms skin in the summer months, then refreshing skin with a toner, and applying a lightweight but nourishing moisturiser that won’t feel heavy on the skin in the heat.


Travel Skincare Essentials

The benefit of downsizing your kit with miniatures when you’re on-the-go is that we can pack much smarter and lighter, but also, they are a great way to try out the products before committing to a full-size.

Our deluxe Seahorse Plankton+ mini’s are the perfect addition to your travel bag, and all you’ll need for an effective cleanse, hydrate, treat and pamper, wherever you are this summer.


Sensitive Skin

Whether you have sensitive skin generally, or your skin has been aggravated from the sun, we recommend opting for gentle skincare. When it comes to cleansing, look for a creamier cleanser that isn’t soap based like our cleansing bar which contains organic coconut oil to nourish and calm skin.

It's also important when cleansing to avoid scrubbing or rubbing your skin. Ideally, use a gentle face cloth or reusable pads made from natural materials that won’t irritate skin, and gently pat your face dry after cleansing.


SPF Sun Shield

It isn’t just for when the sun is shining, UV rays are present pretty much whatever the weather, so we need to ensure we are protecting our skin. UV light triggers excess melanin production within the skin to protect it from sun damage, which can cause uneven pigmentation and discolouration.

Look out for broad spectrum SPFs that protect against UVA and UVB rays. Our Mineral Shield Daily Primer is great as a skincare addition to prime skin ready for the day. The formulation is completely biodegradable meaning it is safe for coral reefs and other ecosystems too.


Most importantly, remember to always consult with a doctor for medical advice for further information on how to care for sun damaged skin.