Introducing SOS Skin Shield+ : the Face Mist for Problem Skin

The miracle mist that provides an invisible protective shield for your face. SOS Skin Shield+ is here to save the day!

Why do you need this?

Because on average, you touch your face 16 times per hour. You're probably doing this right now! Touching your face repeatedly can quickly spread dirt, oil, and bacteria from surfaces to your face, which can lead to the spread of germs, clogged pores, irritation and breakouts. Made with Hypochlorous Acid, SOS Skin Shield+ is clinically proven to kill 99.99% of all harmful germs and viruses in less than 30 seconds and keep them away for up to 4 hours, giving you protection that you can trust. What’s more, SOS Skin Shield+ is suitable for use on anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Alcohol free, hypoallergenic and pH balanced, SOS Skin Shield+ is kind to even the most sensitive & problematic of skin types. It’s powered by our miracle ingredient Hypochlorous Acid, which is a natural substance our bodies produce to fend off germs and promote the appearance healthy younger looking skin.

It makes sense then that our SOS Skin Shield+ is also clinically proven to do the same, and is suitable for use on all skin types even sensitive, acne and eczema prone skin. 


Suitable for all ages and skin types, SOS Skin Shield+ is perfect for the whole family at home or on-the-go. At the park, visiting friends, using your face mask, as part of your skincare routine…no matter where you are, SOS Skin Shield+ can always be used to help protect your skin.

How to Use SOS Skin Shield+?

Simply spritz the unique, fragrance free solution generously over skin and allow to dry naturally…it’s that easy.

Incorporate into your daily skincare routine as your final step to provide a protective shield against harmful bacteria transferred to your face.  Then pop in your handbag whilst on-the-go to reapply whenever and wherever! Paraben free and safe to inhale, SOS Skin Shield+ is suitable for frequent use on the face, near eyes, and anywhere else your skin needs it, no matter where you are.


SOS Skin Shield+ is perfect for use over makeup to stay sanitised throughout the day, and whilst wearing face coverings to prevent maskne. Also suitable to sanitise brushes, makeup tools, colour cosmetics and lots more.

Let’s see how you’ve been using our SOS Skin Shield+ already…

Iesha - "As a PT I am quite active - I find i'm often touching my face due to sweat or a stray hair. SOS Skin Shield+ is hygienic, protecting & easy to use!"


Tejal - "I use SOS Skin Shield+ at home, on-the-go (for days when I work to the office) & in the car. I also use this to sanitise my cosmetic brushes and even handles on bags and more!"


Cheryl - "As a lash and brow technician who has just been able to start back at work I have loved using this product! I’ve been using it between clients, over make up and after a mask change. As a glasses wearer, I don’t use a shield at work to completely cover my face so being able to spray my face with this then put on a fresh mask gives me extra reassurance!"


Shalal - "The product is very gentle which is great for sensitive skin. A good product for days out or travelling to keep stuff clean, particularly when wearing face masks/coverings that may build up bacteria inside which could leave dirt on your skin!"


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Return • Refill • Repeat

Sustainability powers every decision we make from our ingredients to our packaging. Our refillable & ecofriendly SOS Skin Shield+ is included in our Return • Refill • Repeat (link) programme, where we wash and reuse our returned Beauty Kitchen packaging. This means, instead of going to landfill, not being recycled, or using up energy to recycle, we can kickstart the SOS Skin Shield+ packaging lifecycle all over again in the most sustainable way possible!

Cruelty free, microplastic free & registered with the Vegan Society, SOS Skin Shield+ is an essential addition to anyone’s skincare routine for clean, germ free and protected skin.


* Use sanitisers safely & always read the label before use