Introducing…Plastic Free Bath Accessories

Say hello to our new reusable AND compostable bath accessories range - it’s everything you need for a 100% Plastic Free, everyday sustainable skincare routine. Try out our Waste Zero alternatives & join the #ReuseRevolution today!

The #ReuseRevolution is our way of refusing single use, and we believe this ethos should include everything outside of your beauty products too. Especially when so much other plastic waste occurs with general beauty accessories (think plastic shower puffs, exfoliating mitts and synthetic face cloths). Of all plastic ever produced, 91% of this has gone to waste…entering landfill, our environment and oceans - and eventually broken down to tiny microplastics and microfibres that are constantly polluting our planet and causing havoc for wildlife.

This is why we have introduced our unbleached, long-lasting and compostable natural bathroom accessories that follow Cradle to Cradle principles. We created this rage with the end in mind meaning these natural products, once used and reused, will go full circle once popped into your compost bin!


The alternative to single use cotton and synthetic cleansing pads! Most cotton pads we buy contain plastic polypropylene and are usually bleached to give that snow-white appearance, meaning they don’t biodegrade.

In terms of reusable face pads, you might be thinking “this isn’t novel…I already have some in my bathroom!” – however, these seemingly ‘ecofriendly’ reusable face pads are often made from synthetic plastic fibres such as polyester or contain nylon in the stitching. Over 60% of materials used in the textile industry consist of synthetic materials that pollute our land and oceans with tiny plastic fibres (microfibres) each time we wash these materials. Drifting through our plugholes or washing machines, it’s estimated that around 165,000 tonnes of plastic fibres enter the sea and an additional 176,000 dumped across land EACH YEAR…

We NEVER use microplastic ingredients in our products, so it was important for us to steer clear from microfibres too. Which is why we opted for a 70% hemp and 30% cotton blended material with cotton stitching in our Large Reusable Hemp Cotton Pads, for a totally natural pre-cleanse!

Hemp is a low-impact crop that can be converted into fabric sustainably, returning a significant percentage of nutrients back to the ground during the extraction process. This results in healthier soil that can help slow erosion and keep the environment healthy for a longer period of time. It’s also one of the strongest natural fibres out there, meaning our cleansing pads are long lasting, perfect for Reuse.

Lasting up to 800 washes, our Large Reusable Hemp Cotton Pads come as a twin pack, perfect for morning and night! Pair with our Abyssinian Oil Prime Time Cream Cleanser for the perfect companion to melt away make-up and impurities, leaving skin with a satin smooth finish.

Shop our Large Reusable Cleansing Pads here (RRP £7.50)


The alternative to single use wipes! Due to their popularity and utter convenience, the UK goes through a staggering 11 billion wet wipes in just one year. Often, they aren’t being disposed of properly, causing 93% of blockages in UK sewers. The single use nature of wipes leads to many of us simply throwing them out, but this is causing a detrimental effect on our environment. In fact, there has been a 400% increase in the number of wipes found on beaches in the UK, with 80 of them being found for every mile of beach we cross.

So, say goodbye to your face wipes and welcome our Dual Sided Reusable Face Cloth into your bathroom instead! Similar to our Large Reusable Cleansing Pads, our face cloth is made from a blend of unbleached hemp and cotton for true sustainability and durability. Unlike garments made from other materials, which become distorted with multiple uses, hemp clothing holds its shape and lasts much longer. Our Dual Sided Reusable Face Cloth lasts up to 800 washes!

It’s dual-sided for fast and effective cleansing with gentle exfoliation that is suitable for all skin types. Pair with our light Seahorse Plankton+ Revitalizing Gel Cleanser for the ultimate cleanse, leaving refreshed, glowing and nourished skin.

Shop our Dual-Sided Reusable Face Cloth here (RRP £7.50)


A sustainable alternative to plastic exfoliating gloves that won't irritate your skin! Completely free of plastic and elastic openings, our Exfoliating Soap Pouch is made with 100% hemp for a thorough exfoliation. Exceptionally durable (lasts up to 6 months!) this all-over exfoliation is great for silky smooth skin or for prepping before applying fake tan.

Simply slip your favourite Organic Vegan Soap Bar inside and scrub away for a super luxurious foaming skin massage. Top Tip: pop your remaining little soap remnants all together in this soap pouch to make the most of them for the ultimate Waste Zero soap saver!

Shop our Exfoliating Soap Pouch here (RRP £4.50)

Bath & Shower Body Exfoliator

Waste Zero shower power! The perfect alternative to scratchy synthetic shower scrunchies and plastic puffs.

Our Bath & Shower Body Exfoliator is made from 100% unbleached sisal, which is another extremely durable natural fibre from the long green leaves of the agave sisalana plant. Lasting up to 6 months before it needs replacing, you can be sure no microplastics are being washed down your drain with this exfoliating sponge.

Body cleansing and serious smoothing for squeaky clean and sparkling skin. Great for exfoliating and cleansing skin alongside your favourite Organic Vegan Body Wash!

Shop our 100% plastic free Bath & Shower Body Exfoliator here (RRP £5.50)

We are SO excited for the launch of our Plastic Free Bath Accessories range and we can’t wait to hear about how much you enjoy them! Remember to tag us in your Beauty Kitchen images using #ReuseRevolution and keep your eyes peeled…we may have some more plastic free accessories coming soon! Can you guess what they might be?