Your new Waste Zero Hair Heroes are here! Packing a punch in your plastic free bathroom, these small but mighty bars are created with the end in mind.

With each Shampoo bar saves two single use plastic bottles and lasts up to 70 washes, and our conditioners save three! On top of that, their packaging is 100% compostable, so they really are Waste Zero. Oh, and they are SLS free and silicone free - only made with naturally derived and nature identical vegan, cruelty free & microplastic free ingredients.

Deep Cleanse Shampoo Bar

Wash & grow daily! A concentrated bar of coconut, peppermint, orange, and spearmint to deep cleanse and condition the hair and scalp so you're ready to grow instantly.

Results: Thicker and fuller looking hair that stays fresher for longer.

Daily Shine Shampoo Bar

Natural radiance revealed! This bar is packed full of nature’s miracle ingredients to instantly boost dull tresses, this bar gently cleansing away impurities to reveal your hairs inner beauty and shine. With hints of grapefruit and lemon this bar will leave your smelling fresh!

Results: Radiant, soft, naturally flowing locks that shine.

Intense Moisture Shampoo Bar

Perfectly smooth hair all day! Containing a powerful blend of coconut and cocoa, this bar locks in moisture and colour whilst protecting your hair from heat styling, humidity, and pollution damage. It’s full of goodness!

Results: Hair that’s softer, smoother and silkier than ever before.

Everyday Gentle Conditioner Bar

Weightless roots and silky soft ends! This gentle conditioner naturally nourishes whilst protecting colour and reducing breakage without weighing down your hair.

Results: Gives you beautiful hair that's full of movement.

How Do I store my Haircare Bars?

It’s simple, just store them as you would with any bar soap. It’s important to let your haircare bar air dry between washes so we would recommend a plastic free soap rest. Good thing our No Mess Soap Rest does the trick! Made from sustainably sourced coconut fibre and natural rubber, it’s the perfect addition to your plastic free bathroom.

What Do You Think?

A few of you have already tried out our favourite new haircare bars already!

“Great shampoo bar with a lovely scent! Easy to use and fits nicely in your hand. Most of all, sustainable and plastic free so no more plastic bottle lying about in the bathroom!” - George M.

“This is hands down the best shampoo bar I've ever used. My hair is soft, silky, shiny and event though it's very long and thick, there's so much volume and body in it, and it stays clean for longer.  Will not be without this now! I've bought two more bars!” – Casey C.

“I’ve been using shampoo bars for a while & there are a lot out there & a lot that don’t work well. I’m so glad I found this one at Beauty Kitchen, I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, it cleans my hair without stripping it & the lather is lovely, smells great. Easy to rinse & I’ve now bought the conditioner to try that too.” – Joanne W.

“Bought this for my husband, we’ve tried lots and he’s always happy but this one he loves, the subtle smell and the way it lathers up quickly. I have also tried it as has my daughter. We usually dismiss the bars after one use but will be using this again as it actually works well for long hair. Finally, a shampoo bar that I can use, and the whole family can use. It’s a thumbs up from us.” - Katie P.

Let us know what you think & you can shop all our sustainable haircare here!