Not all moisturisers are created equal. Realistically speaking, you can use the same moisturiser for both the day and night…there’s no rules when it comes to skincare - however our skin has different needs depending on the time of day, so we recommend using a specific moisturiser for your morning routine and another for your evening routine. Your morning skincare should focus on protection whereas your evening skincare should focus on renewing the skin.

Do I Even Need a Moisturiser?

It should go without saying that all skin types need moisturisation, even those on the oiler side. Why? Well, oily skin more often than not, is dehydrated and tends to produce more sebum to compensate for the lack of moisture, leading to excessive oiliness and then clogged pores. It’s a vicious cycle. Water constantly evaporates from the deeper layers of our skin, known as trans-epidermal water loss, and moisturisers maintain hydration levels (so you are not left excessively dry or oily) to leave skin more supple, bouncy, and youthful. 


What’s the Difference?

The most obvious difference between a day and night cream is the ingredients and texture. Typically, a day cream is more lightweight so that it sinks in quickly and feels comfortable on your skin throughout your day, especially underneath makeup. Whereas a night cream is usually thicker or richer to provide deeper nourishment as you sleep to renew the skin. But let’s deep dive into this a little more…


Day Creams

Throughout the day, our skin gets exposed to the elements, dirt and pollution which can lead to clogged pores, skin dullness and discoloration. Prolonged exposure to pollution is one of the number one causes of premature skin aging. Adding a lightweight moisturiser in the day, whatever your skin type, ensures that your skin remains hydrated, protected, and healthy in the long run.

Take a finger sized amount of a lightweight moisturiser, like our Really Radiant Moisturiser, and apply to your face and décolletage. Applying too much can again, lead to clogged pores and produce blackheads. Remember, less is more! This non-greasy daily moisturiser is powered by two plant-based microalgae that one, protect the skin from pollution and two, promote collagen production. Moisture is locked in and you’ll be left with a healthy looking glow in no time at all.


Night Creams

This is the time where you really want to invest in products that can support the skin during REM sleep, which is when your body repairs itself. Once you drift off, your body starts to produce growth hormones to ensure that your skin is producing enough collagen. This allows your skin to essentially go into repair mode and keep it bouncy and plump. The regeneration process at night can be up to three times faster than during the day! Our Bright Night Intensive Cream contains marine extracts that are scientifically proven to boost collagen production, so this plus a night under the duvet is a dreamy combination.


Day & Night Kit

Each of our moisturiser have their own unique properties, but together are a powerhouse of ingredients to support your skin 24/7. They are both supercharged with a unique blend of sustainably sourced marine extracts, including two types of microalgae and three hand-harvested seaweeds, which is scientifically proven to renew and protect skin. Our Day & Night Kit which is made up of the Really Radiant Moisturiser and Bright Night Intensive Cream is the perfect duo to start you off on the perfect AM & PM moisturising routine.