6 Ways to Use Natruline


There are lots of beauty products out there that do different things, but sometimes, you come across that one, carry-it-with-you-everywhere product that’s a real multi-tasker. That’s where Natruline comes in.

If you haven’t tried Natruline yet, it’s a 100% natural alternative to petroleum jelly - looks like it, feels like it, but it’s better for your skin and sustainable too!

We all know that Natruline is great for hydrating dry, chapped lips - but it can also do so much more! Read on for 6 alternative ways to use Natruline and Vegan Natruline.


Photo by @lapsapchung

Brow Shaper

For sculpted, shapely brows, take a little bit of Natruline and apply as you wish! Shape them by using a small amount on the tip of your finger, or apply with a hard-bristled brush to make them look full and Instagram-ready.

“My eyebrows are quite fair and sometimes the skin underneath gets quite dry. I use Natruline as a quick shaper during the day, or alongside a powder when I’m wearing make-up for a night out” - Jo, Our Founder

Elbow Saviour

With different temperatures, friction from your clothes or even fabric softeners, sometimes our elbows can get a bit on the dry side. For a quick, hydrating fix on the go, take a generous amount of Natruline and apply to your dry skin.

“I think a lot of us are guilty of abandoning our poor elbows. Natruline works as a great on-the-go moisturiser as it creates an instant barrier when ultra-dry skin is snagging on the inside of your sleeves” - Jo, Our Founder

Lipstick Booster

Make the most of your lipstick by applying Natruline before you put on your favourite shade for a smooth, even base. Want to create an evening look with your go-to matte lipstick? Add a small amount of Natruline after you’ve applied for a glossy finish.

“Instead of buying two lipsticks - one matte, one shiny - you can get two looks from one instead!” - Jo, Our Founder

Hair Dye Barrier

Dyeing your hair at home? Protect the skin around your ears, forehead and the nape of your neck from taking on a new hue by applying a small amount of Natruline to these key areas. The ingredients act as a barrier that makes sure that your hair dye only dyes your hair.

“I think we’ve all been there, when we’ve ended up with hair dye on the tops of our ears. This helps to prevent that from happening, so you don’t need to scrub for the next 3 days” - Jo, Our Founder

Natruline Influencer

Photo by @charlonichole

Natural Highlighter

Accentuate your natural features by using Natruline as a subtle highlighter. We recommend taking a small amount and applying it to your cheekbones, brow bone and the bridge of your nose for a healthy, dewy glow.

“The best tip I ever heard about highlighter is that you should put it where the light would naturally catch - it’s great for giving your best features a boost” - Jo, Our Founder

Cuticle Hero

Our hands can get really dry but it’s not all about the skin itself. Sometimes, your cuticles need a little TLC too! Take a small amount of Natruline and apply directly onto your cuticles as the perfect pick-me-up for softer, better-looking nails on the move.

“Great looking cuticles = great looking nails. Keeping them hydrated will keep them looking neat and tidy” - Jo, Our Founder

Want to try out all these alternative ways for yourself? Pick up Natruline and Vegan Natruline online.