6 Hydrating Skincare Tips to Boost your New Season Routine

Dark starry nights, cosy evenings in with the candles lit, the clocks falling back, auburn colours and crunching leaves…Autumn is here! With change in the seasons finally here, the temperatures cooling considerably outside and heating up inside, and cold rainy days, our skin can start to behave slightly differently as our skin adapts.  

You might notice transition in your skin leading to sensitivity, redness, dehydration, and excessive oil production. You absolutely don’t need to refresh your entire routine with new products, but here’s a few simple tweaks you can make to ensure silky smooth and nourished skin with an Autumn skincare routine.

Autumn is here | Beauty Kitchen

#1 Switch to a Cream Cleanser 

Opting for a creamy cleanser over traditional foam ones will melt away impurities gently without stripping or disrupting oil balance. Look for formulations with nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and sweet almond oil, like in our Abyssinian Oil Prime Time Cream Cleanser to keep skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated, even after cleansing.

 Vegan and Plastic Free Abyssinian Oil Cleanser | Beauty Kitchen

#2 Upgrade Your Creams 

A lightweight moisturiser is generally perfect for the Spring and Summer months when the air is more humid. Switching your moisturiser for a thicker cream in Autumn provides a richer boost of hydration and provides a barrier between the skin and environmental stressors. Emollients such as organic shea butter, which you can find in our Seahorse Plankton+ Bright Night Intensive Cream or Organic Vegan Body Cream, softens rough or dry skin. 

Vegan Seahorse Plankton+ Bright Night Intensive Cream | Beauty Kitchen

#3 Introduce an Oil 

The shift in temperature, both inside and outside, can disrupt the skins moisture balance so introducing a boost of intense hydration with an oil will help in the short term but also improve moisture retention as the months go on. Top tip: Layer your skincare routine with a facial oil alone or by adding a few drops to your current moisturiser.

Whether your skin is in need of calming redness with our High Definition Facial Oilor in need of balancing oil production with our Hydra Intense Facial Oil, here’s the key differences between the two so you can find which one suits you! 

Organic Hydrating and glowing facial oils | Beauty Kitchen

#4 Lips & Other Dry Bits 

Skincare and selfcare isn’t just for your face! Using an exfoliator and rich cream on hands is the perfect treat to scrub away dry skin, leaving baby soft and radiant mits, after those crisp Autumn walks in the park holding your steaming brew. 

Our lips are also incredibly sensitive due to how fine the skin is and a lack of natural oil glands that other areas of our skin have, so pair this with the cold air and it’s a recipe for dry skin. Try a natural balm, like Natruline or our vegan alternative to keep lips smooth, plump, and hydrated throughout the day. 

Seahorse Plankton+ Ultra Restore Hand Cream | Beauty Kitchen

#5 Sweet Dreams 

Our duvets and a restful night’s sleep is calling our name through the cosy season! Sleep is vital to any healthy routine, and particularly skin as this is the time when our skin heals and regenerates. Our final tip for boosting your Autumn Skincare Routine is to add an overnight treatment, for those of you with extremely dry skin types. Our Abyssinian Oil Night Halo Potent Sleep Mask is an overnight balm to oil treatment that deeply nourishes skin, so you can wake up with glowing skin all season long.

Abyssinian Oil Night Halo | Beauty Kitchen

#6 Redness & Sensitive Skin 

The changes that Autumn brings can cause sensitive or flare ups of rosacea for those that have experience with this. We specifically formulated our vegan Seahorse Plankton+ range with these skin concerns in mind as the blend of plant-based microalgae work to not only hydrate skin and promote collagen production, but to also soothe and calm redness.

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