Refillable Organic Vegan Hand Sanitiser 12 x 100ml

Save 24 50ml single use plastic hand sanitiser bottles with our organic, vegan hand sanitiser that has a light and refreshing scent and leaves hands fresh and clean everytime.  Just £2.88 per 50ml. 
What it contains:

12 x 100ml  Refilliable Organic Vegan Hand Sanitiser

Zero Plastic Inside
Leaping Bunny

  • This year there will be over 1 billion single use hand sanitisers bought in the UK alone – choose the sustainable option.
  • 62% ethanol effectively sanitises your hands.
  • Contains moisturising aloe vera and vegetable glycerine to combat dry skin
  • Microplastic Free – synthetic hand gels contain high levels of microplastics which damage our oceans – we are proud to work with the Plastic Soup Foundation to ensure our products are microplastic free 
  • Cruelty Free
  • Proud suppliers to the Scottish Government for vital frontline services including the NHS.
  • 2% of all our sales (not profits!) go to charity every year.