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Natural Shampoo Bars

Our natural shampoo range features Award Winning Gentle Organic Shampoo and eco friendly shampoo bars to lock in moisture, revitalise dullness and deep clean hair and scalp! Prefer a Vegan shampoo? 95% of Beauty Kitchen products are vegan - look for the sign on product pages. Shampoo bar boxes are compostable , and shampoo bottles are aluminium and widely recycled.

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Daily Shine Shampoo Bar 50g


Intense Moisture Shampoo Bar 50g


Deep Cleanse Shampoo Bar 50g


Boost dull hair

Deep cleanse hair and scalp

Lock in moisture

Free delivery on orders over £40

Our Certifications 

Beauty That Gives Back

We donate 2% of sales (not profits) to charity all year, every year.  We support the Seahorse Trust and the Plastic Soup Foundation, as well as donating products to InKind Direct who supply over 300 UK charities. 

Sustainable Packaging

All of our packaging is designed with sustainability in mind.  From our compostable pouches to using FSC approved cardboard and vegetable inks and precycled containers that can be returned to us to be reused in our one of a kind closed loop scheme we truly are pioneers in this area. 

Vegan Society 

95% of our products are registered with the vegan society so you know they are completely plant based.  The other 5% are vegetarian and contain sustainably sourced beeswax which is a by product of the honey industry, 

Plastic Soup Foundation 

We partner with the Plastic Soup Foundation to fight for clean oceans. The Plastic Soup Foundation lead the way on banning micro plastics from cosmetics.  We are proud that all of our products contain absolutely no micro plastics and we donate 1% of all sales to this charity

B Corp 

We are proud to be the first high street beauty brand to become a B Corp in 2017.  Being a B Corp is so important to us and we firmly believe in using business as a force for good - that's why we donate 2% of sales (not profits!) to charities close to our heart

Leaping Bunny 

The international gold standard against animal testing - we are proud to be approved as cruelty free under the Leaping Bunny programme.


Our groundbreaking RETURN• REFILL • REPEAT scheme allows customers to send their packaging back to us and we will wash and reuse it in the next batch.  It's even better than recycling!  

Made in the UK 

We make all of our products in the UK to ensure that we keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.  We are a big employer in our local area and work with local schools and the community to develop sustainability initiatives.