Zero Plastics Inside - We're Beating Microplastics

You won’t find microplastics in any Beauty Kitchen products.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working alongside Plastic Soup Foundation - an amazing organisation that well, takes action to stop our beautiful oceans turning into a big pot of plastic soup.

Their campaign - ‘Beat the Microbead’ takes a close look at plastics found in our everyday beauty and hygiene products. Microbeads are often used in toothpastes and exfoliating products (eg: face scrubs) and are basically tiny pieces of plastic that find their way into our oceans, which marine life then mistake for their favourite food, plankton. For you and me, it would be like biting into what looks like a real cake and realising that it’s actually made from plastic, after you ate it (although, we’re sure you’d be able to tell the difference straight away).

Here’s some more on microbeads from Plastic Soup Foundation...