Who’s Who in Natural Beauty!

The time has come again where Natural Beauty News have announced their list of Who’s Who in the industry. Voted by you, for the third year in a row, our Founders Jo & Stuart Chidley have made it to the Top 5!

The list covers an array of pioneers within a variety of sectors including brand owners, formulators, educators and campaigners. Falling under each of those categories are our Founders Jo & Stuart who campaign daily for a more sustainable future. Fronting the #ReuseRevolution, their mission is to create the most sustainable beauty products in the world from the inside out! Including the reusable packaging that’s part of our Return · Refill · Repeat to our microplastic free ingredients.

“Sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make, and it doesn’t just stop at the borders of Beauty Kitchen. We want a true shift to happen within the industry and for this to happen we’re not afraid to push the boundaries. We never have and never will use microplastic ingredients, but this is not enough. We need others to follow suit. Plastic pollution is a real issue and we are proud to campaign alongside Madhuri & Beat the Microbead to put an end to microplastic ingredients full stop. We can collectively contribute to eliminating microplastics from all industries before they eliminate our planet.” - Jo Chidley.

Jo, with her background in chemistry, is also a leading expert at ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) where she continues to fight for the restriction of microplastic use in the cosmetic industry alongside our good friend Madhuri Prabhakar. The project leader for Beat the Microbead, Madhuri also believes that plastics in cosmetics is a design error that continuously causes a threat to our environment. It makes complete sense that she also made the Who’s Who list!

“I’m so proud of the joint commitment between Beat the Microbead and Beauty Kitchen in raising awareness about the use of microplastic ingredients in cosmetics. We will continue to make the community larger and reach as many people as possible. Not only that, but we will continue our fight on the policy level to make microplastic-free beauty products a reality!” – Madhuri Prabhakar.



It’s incredibly encouraging to see more pioneers and sustainable entrepreneurs listed each year.  It means that Who’s Who list is very encouraging to see.

Meet the Change Makers of 2020:

  1. Lorraine Dallmeier, CEO, - Formula Botanica
  2. Jayn Sterland, Managing Director - Weleda UK
  3. Alex & Kim Barani, Co-founders - Kinetic
  4. Jo & Stuart Chidley, Co-founders - Beauty Kitchen
  5. May Lindstrom, Founder - May Lindstrom Skin
  6. Helen Yeardsley, Beauty Industry Expert - Y-Consultancy
  7. Ailish Lucas, Founder - The Glow Getter Collective
  8. Emma Thornton, Founder - TRUE Skincare
  9. Mark Smith, Director General - NATRUE
  10. Elsie Rutterford & Dominika Minarovic, Co-founders - BYBI Beauty
  11. Alex Nicolaou, Co-founder - NINI Organics
  12. Fiona Klonarides, Founder - The Beauty Shortlist
  13. Dr Barbara Olioso, Founder - The Green Chemist Consultancy
  14. Victoria Wood, Founder - The Greener Beauty
  15. Georgia Barnes, Head of Business Development for Non-food - The Soil Association
  16. Ben Wigley, Co-founder - The Big Green Smile
  17. Madhuri Prabhakar, Project leader - Beat the Microbead
  18. Tabitha James Kraan, Founder - Tabitha James Kraan Hair Organics
  19. Mel Jenkinson, Founder - Glow Organic
  20. Janey Lee Grace - Marketing Guru, Presenter & Author
  21. Tata Harper, CEO - Tata Harper Skincare
  22. Charlotte Vøhtz, CEO - Green People
  23. Lou Dartford - Makeup artist
  24. Sonia White, CEO - LoveLula
  25. Lisa Basso, Founder - Inner Senses