Turning Black Friday Green

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a growing pattern of overconsumption and increased wastefulness during this season which goes against everything we stand for at Beauty Kitchen. The craze of Black Friday has rooted itself into an annual event, and it only seems to be getting bigger year after year. At Beauty Kitchen, we’re doing things a little differently…

Why Green Friday?

A new report from charity and independent think tank Green Alliance says that up to 80% of products, including packaging, will end up either in landfill, incinerated or at best as low quality recycling this Black Friday…often after a very short life!

We could ignore Black Friday, but we don’t want to. Instead, we want to make a statement to shout about our campaign and encourage everyone to join the #ReuseRevolution - which is all about supporting a circular economy and minimising waste from the very beginning. This is our way of showing you can make a more conscious decision to shop sustainably, even during Black Friday.

Made with sustainably sourced, microplastic free and cruelty free ingredients, our products are created with the end in mind - in packaging that is compostable, reusable, or part of our Return · Refill · Repeat program. Don’t forget that we donate 2% of our sales (not profits) to charitable organisations such as The Seahorse Trust or the Plastic Soup Foundation who aim to protect our land and oceans from plastic pollution.

“Black Friday is a time filled with rushed decisions and pressured purchases. We receive so much support from our Beauty Kitchen community who have supported our values and ethos, so we wanted to give you the opportunity to take part in a more sustainable Green Friday where we can all make more conscious, less time-limited choices. Black Friday is a trend…but sustainability is here to stay…” - Jo, our founder.

We’re keeping it super simple too, no fancy frills, no staggered price reduction…just an easy 33% of sitewide using the code GREENFRIDAY. Feel free to use this on our new 100% Vegan certified Christmas range as well so you can be sustainable throughout the festive season too!