The Importance of Giving Back

December is finally here and with this being the month of giving and gifting, we wanted to highlight the importance of charity aid this Christmas. Whether it’s donating money, old items or even your time – it’s all worth it and we like to do as much as we can to help others in any way possible. It was just last week that we got together as a team at the Beauty Kitchen HQ to donate our old coats, hats and scarves to people in need of them!

You may already know that we donate 2% of our sales (not profits) to various causes that are close to our hearts including Plastic Soup Foundation and the Seahorse Trust, but what you might not know is that we also donate our very own products to the charity In Kind Direct.

So Who Are In Kind Direct?

Founded in 1996 by HRH The Prince of Wales, In Kind Direct distributes new and unused products that have been donated by companies such as ourselves, to charities working in the UK and beyond. The charity works with thousands of not-for-profit organisations to help vulnerable people, allowing them to spend money on support rather than supplies.

In 2017, In Kind Direct commissioned PwC to undertake some research and analysis of the product giving sector in 2017. The research revealed that £1.9 billion of surplus is created in the UK alone each year, across six product categories – so there is a huge opportunity for businesses to support local charities whilst also addressing the issue of waste.

How does In Kind Direct Work?

  1. Businesses donate new and unused products to In Kind Direct
  2. Products are received, checked and sorted at the charity’s warehouse by staff and volunteers
  3. The goods are then listed on the In Kind Direct secure online catalogue and charities in the In Kind Direct network can request the products they need
  4. Orders are dispatched to charitable organisations across the UK
  5. Product donations are tracked, generating fantastic impact, which is report back to donor companies

The products that are donated to In Kind Direct are used in many ways, whether it’s to run charity services, maintain facilities or to be distributed as emergency aid to people in crisis. In Kind Direct has helped close to 10,000 charities to date, distributing £240 million worth of goods. Currently, there are 1,200 companies like us donating product to In Kind Direct, a huge increase to the 221 back in 1998!

How have Beauty Kitchen Helped?

As our products are made with natural ingredients, we tend to make small batches to ensure they are as fresh as possible, but sometimes we make a little more than we need. This extra product is what we donate to In Kind Direct, so they only ever receive the same high quality and useable products that you do too.

It’s a great platform for us to support several charities, many more than we could ever have dreamed of if we didn’t have the support of In Kind Direct. In fact, we’ve helped over 430 charitable organisations across the UK, including 44 in our beloved Scotland! Our products end up being given to charities with various aims - this year most of our stock was delivered to organisations with focus on youth support, disability, family welfare, homelessness and community groups.

Each week on the lead up to Christmas we will be showcasing a few of the charities that we’ve helped support through In Kind Direct. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to give back this season too! Find out how you can get involved with In Kind Direct here.