The Return · Refill · Repeat Programme



Over 95% of beauty packaging is thrown out after just one use.  

But don’t worry, we’re here to change that. We’re proud to launch our new ‘Return ·  Refill · Repeat’ program where you can send your Beauty Kitchen packaging back to us, and we’ll wash and reuse it for the next batch of your favourite Beauty Kitchen products. Think of it like a modern day version of a milkman (or, if you’re in Scotland like us - when Irn Bru used to give you 30p when you returned your glass bottles), except for beauty.

So, how are we making this happen?

We’ve switched our packaging to glass or aluminium - which makes it really easy to wash and reuse. In fact, we’ve redesigned every single element of our new packaging with reusability in mind - such as no glue on our lids which means these can be washed & reused too, this will minimise waste and close the loop on beauty packaging.

Ever since the beginning of Beauty Kitchen, we’ve always looked for more sustainable solutions for what we put in our products and then what we put those products in. In other words, we use the most sustainable, effective ingredients and most sustainable packaging too. So far, we’ve worked with rock paper labels (no trees or water needed to produce them!), minimised packaging and pre-cycled packaging, where we make use of other brand’s unwanted bottles, jars and even fabric, that would otherwise go to landfill. However, ‘Return ·  Refill · Repeat’ is a whole new level:

Jo Chidley
This has always been a huge dream for Beauty Kitchen as it sits perfectly with our mission to create the most sustainable beauty products in the world. Reusing is even better than recycling because it a) saves energy by removing the processes needed to recycle and b) minimises waste before it happens. The success of reusing sits with a shift in what we - as a society - do with what would usually end up in landfill. It’s just about being creative to increase the lifespan of what already exists. For me, this program (and everything we do) is about taking care of the sustainability side of things for our customers, so they feel good about the choices they make

To join the ‘Return ·  Refill · Repeat’ revolution, it's so easy!

1. If you're in the UK, you can send your packaging back to us (for free!) - we'd recommend reusing the secure box your Beauty Kitchen favourites arrived in, or packing it with a little newspaper (a good way to make the most of yesterday’s news)

 2. You can drop off your empties in over 1000 Holland & Barrett stores in the UK, Ireland Netherlands or Belgium - they'll send them back to us for you. 

For us, this is about giving everyone an easy way to make a small change, with big impact. Find out more on our Return • Refill • Repeat page.