Product to Packaging…How we’re Minimising our Waste

There’s no denying the impact that waste has on the environment, especially when 95% of packaging in the beauty industry is simply thrown away. We’re here with the aim to change this stat as soon as possible! We get a lot of questions on how sustainable our packaging and products really are, and we want to be completely transparent with you, so here’s an outline of everything:

Since the very start of Beauty Kitchen, we’ve always created our products and packaging with cradle to cradle principles in mind. Put simply, this means we create our processes in a circular way where everything can either be reused or recycled and most importantly, not wasted or taken to landfill.


Of course, you already know our products are made with natural and cruelty free ingredients (read our other blogs on our compostable Konjac Sponge and The Sustainables range here for an introduction to our products). What you may not know is that we never use microplastics as an ingredient. We support the Plastic Soup Foundation to raise the awareness of the impact of microplastics or microbeads and the effects they can have, for example microbeads can easily find their way into our oceans, effecting aquatic life. Currently, there are skincare products on the market containing up to 1.5 million microplastics!

It’s estimated that by 2050 there could be more plastic particles in the sea than fish…so we’ve made it our mission to combat this by creating Zero Plastic Inside certified. This is the reason we also created the world’s first Zero Plastic Glitter Balm.


It can take 450 years for some types of plastic to break down and PET plastic, while recyclable, doesn’t biodegrade at all! Yet when it comes to the beauty industry, we found out that just 14% of packaging makes it to a recycling plant with only 9% being fully recycled...and the rest heads directly to landfill.

Recycling has of course been a vital part of sustainable living for years, and although this is incredibly important, we also want to champion REUSE as a more positive and energy efficient alternative.  Hence why we launched our RETURN • REFILL • REPEAT program where you can send back any empty Beauty Kitchen products with the logo below back to us (or to a Holland & Barrett store) where we will then wash them ready for the next batch.

If you’re ever unsure whether your product is included in the refill scheme, just send the packaging back to us anyway and we will handle the recycling of the product for you.

Product Packaging

We’ve gone from using waste packaging supplied by other companies, to rebranding our Seahorse Plankton+ and Abyssinian Oil entirely and launching The Sustainables - which have all been designed with sustainability and Return Refill Repeat in mind.

Here a list of our current packaging that we use:

  • Aluminium Bottles – did you know that about 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in use today? It’s widely recycled with home recycling but also great for reusing as it is more sustainable than any of its plastic counterparts – making this the perfect material for our RETURN • REFILL • REPEAT packaging. Everything we produce, including our aluminium bottles, are tested against human health so they are 100% safe to use.
  • Bottle Pumps - Unlike most pumps, ours are fully recyclable. They contain different types of plastic and a small bit of metal, so just need to be broken down first. Return them to us with the rest of your packaging and we’ll take care of that for you!
  • Rock Paper Labels - the most sustainable water-resistant material we can find. It’s made from a natural waste product, 80% limestone dust, with no bleach used at all to treat them. We only use vegetable derived inks to print on the too.
  • Konjac sponge - This entire product is compostable. The sponge, the string handle and even the packaging, just pop it in your food waste or compost bin.
  • Glass Bottles/Jars - These are all made using recycled glass which are of course suitable for home recycling.
  • Pipettes - Our pipettes consist of three parts; the glass tube, a 100% recycled plastic collar and a rubber bulb. All three parts can easily be broken down and recycled or made into something new.
  • Jar Lids - our lids are made from 100% recycled plastic and are widely recycled with home recycling.


As a B Corp certified business, we want to be able to offer you sustainable and conscious choices when it comes to beauty, including how they get to you. This is why we have chosen to use green packaging which can either be recycled or better yet, reused.

When it comes to sending stock out, we want to be as sustainable as possible whilst creating minimal waste and protecting the contents inside. By using FSC certified Korrvu boxes which are made with natural, raw and renewable materials, we eliminate the need for excess filler as the products are essentially suspended and secured by a single piece of film. As recycling plants have been designed to recycle cardboard with small amounts of plastic, tape and labelling, the entire box can be popped into your recycling bin as you normally would with card and paper items too!

Alongside our rock paper labels and Korrvu boxes, the tape we use is also printed with vegetable inks in order to limit any toxic ingredients in any of our products. We try to use as little tape as possible, but when needed ours is made from paper and is completely recyclable.

We aren’t claiming that we’re perfect, we just want to let you know that our aim is to create change within the beauty industry in the hopes that other business will look to more sustainable packaging and products too. After all, it’s the small changes that will eventually create a big impact in the end! As always, if you ever have any questions or suggestions please ask away and we’d be more than happy to get back to you.

We’ll leave you with this though…if every beauty lover in the world reused their beauty packaging, we could save 120 million tonnes of waste from landfill. Join the refill revolution today!