Working Together to Protect the Planet

"The Environment Impact Area evaluates the company's overall environmental stewardship, including how the company identifies and manages general environmental impacts. This includes its management of air and climate issues, water sustainability, and impacts on land and life." - B Lab.

It's environment week of B Corp month, which we are incredibly excited about! This element of B Corp is about taking bold action to preserve our most precious resources, with planet-friendly practices and environmental initiatives. We, along with all B Corp certified businesses must consider the impact of our everyday footprint, including energy usage, materials, facilities, supply chain, and more.

"We reuse our coffee cups, we reuse our shopping bags...why can we not reuse our packaging?" - Jo Chidley, Founder of Beauty Kitchen

As a Certified B Corporation, we sign a Declaration of Interdependence of our belief that “we are responsible for each other and future generations." We commit to conduct business with consideration for the environment and all stakeholders, not just shareholders - it's about choosing people and the planet over profit always!

Every decision we make at Beauty Kitchen considers environmental impact, and it's what spurred on the creation of our Return•Refill•Repeat programme - which exists to help everyone change their single use plastic packaging to refillable and reusable packaging! Simple sustainable swaps, made accessible to all. Why do we do this?...

The Problem: Single Use Plastic. A cheap, durable material that has transformed all industries with its infinite lifespan. Yet this element of plastic has been taken for granted and is now a vital downfall of the material. To put it into context, 2 million tons of plastic per year was produced in the 1950’s. In 2020, this stat has grown exponentially to a staggering 380 million tons of plastic produced per year. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists somehow today…

The Solution: The Circular Economy. We are on a mission to create the most effective, natural, and sustainable personal care products in the world with our Return•Refill•Repeat programme & Refill Stations. It's the antithesis of the traditional ‘take, make, waste’ model! It's simple - send back your empty packaging to us to wash and reuse again & again & again...

The Result: A #ReuseRevolution. If one household switched their body wash to Beauty Kitchen, they would save 36 bottles a year. If every household in the UK did this, 1 billion single use plastic bottles could be saved in a year

“To truly change something, we need to build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. Both our refillable packaging and Refill Stations will bring access to true sustainability to millions of households.”
– Jo-Anne Chidley

When it comes to global change, being a #BetterBusiness means choosing collaboration over competition every time. As part of the #BCorp community, we’ve helped contribute to some amazing achievements and in this way & together we’ve moved the world of business in the right direction. We must work together to protect the planet and create true change. Let's collaborate and...

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