New App to Test Products for Microplastics!

A new app ‘Beat the Microbead’ has been launched by our friends at the Plastic Soup Foundation which allows you to self-scan products and identify more than 500 types of microplastics. We fully support this!


Plastics in the environment is a huge issue, there's no doubt about it. In fact, by 2050 it’s estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean that fish. Of course, inappropriate disposal of large single plastic is a problem but what about the plastic that we can’t see? Through our shower and sinks, microplastics in our everyday products (laundry detergent, skincare and so much more) flow into sewage systems, slip through the filters in water treatment plants and reach our rivers and oceans. Once there, they become a part of the plastic soup. Marine animals mistake these microplastics for food. These particles also end up on our plates because we are part of the food chain…

Beat the Microbead, a campaign that we have always supported, have been pushing for the ban of microbeads since 2012. This has since led to 15 countries to take action! However, almost all major beauty brands still add microscopic plastic particles or even liquid plastics to their cosmetic products - often used as cheap fillers.

This new app is a great tool for finding out which of your products contain microplastics. We’ve been having fun scanning all our household products, but this is great for when you’re about to make a purchase you’re unsure about in the shop too! It’s so simple to use, just take a photo of the ingredients list on the packaging, then the app will use machine learning software to detect more than 500 different microplastics. Identified as a traffic light system, products are categorised as follows:

Red: micro and nanoplastics officially defined as such by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and other environmental & engineering organisations

Orange: Classed as ‘sceptical plastics’, which there is not enough information available on whether they are dangerous to humans and the environment

Green: Products that don’t contain plastic particles & products that carry the Plastic Soup Foundation’s ‘Zero Plastic Inside’ certification

We’re proud to say that all our products are 100% microplastic free (look out for the Zero Plastic Inside logo). Our Founder Jo say:

“We are delighted with the launch of this digital tool. It will allow everyone to be more aware of the ingredients in their everyday items and encourage us to think more consciously overall regarding the sustainability of the products we are buying & using. We can collectively contribute to eliminating microplastics from all industries before they eliminate our planet.”

Download the new Beat the Microbead app for free here.