Looking ahead to 2021 - A Letter from Jo

To all our lovely friends & customers,

Before I begin, I wanted to highlight this poem by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) to give you some food for thought:

This simple yet powerful poem is one of my favourites, and the meaning still stands strong over 100 years later. To me, these words signify inspiration, positivity & hope - a few things I want us all to carry over to 2021 as we welcome in the new year! This is a time to look forward, to embrace a fresh start & build positivity out of our challenges.

Now I want to introduce you to my friends in Nkuringo. Having built up relationships with several communities in Uganda over the years, this is a chance for me to shine a light on Nkuringo, a beautiful town & community that we have decided to twin ourselves with - based not far from the ancient Bwindi Forest in Southern Uganda (close to the border of Rwanda & the Democratic Rep. of the Congo), which is home to three habituated Mountain Gorilla families.

My friends in this town face a less fortunate living situation than many of us do, and it inspires me to see how they constantly build positivity out of their challenges daily. A motto which I live by and in turn has inspired this letter to you for the year ahead!

As a B Corp certified business, it is my duty to use mine & Beauty Kitchen’s voice as a force for good. You will already know that 2% of Beauty Kitchen sales (not profits) are donated to charitable foundations & organisations such as Plastic Soup Foundation & The Seahorse Trust, so I thank you for allowing us to be able to do this each time you have bought something from my business.

We also make sure we can do as much as we can outside of the business too via grassroots charities & campaigners, where we can work with communities directly - which brings me back to my friends in Uganda.

For Christmas, we wanted to bring some more positivity to the community in Nkuringo so made a donation that was able to provide wash basins, food & hygiene essentials to over 200 homes. I want to say a huge thank you to Lydia Eva Mpanga, the CEO of Nkuringo Lodges & Safaris (a carbon neutral lodge dedicated to giving visitors a real experience of Uganda) for helping to organise this for our friends & their children.

“I will also have Father Christmas…for the children to experience this. We will get some sweets too for the kids alongside toothbrush and paste. It will be their best Christmas ever!” - Lydia Eva Mpanga - Nkuringo Lodges & Safaris

With that being said, I want you to take this opportunity to look ahead to the new year and to build positivity out the challenges that we have all come through, just as our friends in Nkuringo have. We have many stories & accomplishments from 2020 to talk about however these are for another day*.

Here is to 2021 - Happy Hogmanay!


Lots of love,

Jo - Founder of Beauty Kitchen 💚


*Our Top 10 Proudest Moments of 2020:

1. Donating 230K of our product to the charity during the pandemic
2. Launching our first 3 Return•Refill•Repeat Refill Stations
3. Supplying the Scottish Government with 50K units of hand sanitiser to provide to the NHS
4. Being shortlisted as Champions of Sustainability in The Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards
5. Mintel labelling our SOS Skin Shield+ as one of the most innovative products
6. Joining forces with Canopy to eliminate paper waste
7. Launching our plastic free Bath Accessories range
8. Making it to the Top 5 of the Who’s Who in Natural Beauty Awards
9. Launching our Zero Waste Hair Care Bars
10. Working with Unilever as our first Return•Refill•Repeat partner