Introducing...The Sustainables

Everything you need for the sustainable everyday…

Here at Beauty Kitchen, we’re all about making sustainability an easy choice for everyone, so that you can make small changes with a big impact. That’s what our new bath, body and hair care range is all about - that’s why we’ve called it ‘The Sustainables’

To put it simply, every product in ‘The Sustainables’ is made with natural, organic and vegan ingredients that come in sustainable, reusable packaging. And that’s it!

We’ve created a range that you and your family can use every day, from soaps and hand wash, to body wash, body cream, shampoo and conditioner. This way, you know that every time you’re washing your hands or taking a shower, you’re taking those small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, without even noticing.

Each product comes in three mood-boosting fragrances, packed full of essential oils to suit your day. We’ve also included fragrance-free options for gentle, natural nourishment on super sensitive skin. So, there’s an option for everyone!

What makes The Sustainables, erm, sustainable?

  • Each product is made with natural ingredients, that are certified organic and registered with The Vegan Society and Leaping Bunny for cruelty-free cosmetics.
  • From aluminium bottles, to using rock paper labels made from 80% waste limestone dust, we’ve designed every element of our packaging with reusability and sustainability in mind.

  • Speaking of reusability, The Sustainables are included in our Return · Refill · Repeat programme - so you can send your empties back to us and we’ll wash and reuse them in the next batch.
  • We donate 2% of all sales to sustainable charity causes - so you’re making a contribution every time you pick up any product from The Sustainables (and any product from all of our ranges, for that matter)

“The aim of The Sustainables is simple - make sustainability an easy choice for everyone, every single day. From your morning shower and beyond, these small changes can make big impact - and it’s easier than you think.” - Jo, Our Founder

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