Introducing...Our Abyssinian Oil Range


Woo hoo! It’s here. You might’ve heard about our new and improved Seahorse Plankton+ range, but that’s not all we’ve been working on. Over the past few months, we’ve been looking at new ways to make our Abyssinian Oil range more effective, more sustainable and more future-proof than ever before.  

So, what is Abyssinian Oil? 

In a sentence, Abyssinian oil is like a supercharged and more sustainable version of Argan oil. 

As far as plant seed oils go, it’s the one that’s closest (from a chemistry perspective) to the natural oils that our skin produces, meaning it’s the ultimate hydrating ingredient for your skin. When your skin is hydrated, it looks plumper with visibly reduced dry lines and wrinkles and a can’t-stop-starting youthful glow that we all love. It also helps to balance out the natural oils in your skin, which is great if you have a particularly oily complexion or oily patches in combination skin. Is it any wonder we’re such a fan?  

Abyssinian oil comes from the Crambe Abyssinica plant, that can be grown anywhere that has a temperate climate (unlike Argan oil, where it can only be grown in a certain parts of the world) which makes it a more sustainable resource. Also, if farmers plant Abyssinian plants around their fields, it attracts more diverse flying insects (including bees & butterflies!) which helps both the farmers and insects and gives them another plant to harvest for the oil. It’s a win-win! 

Our range is packed full of a potent blend of plant-seed oils, including Abyssinian (of course), sweet almond, bitter orange, magnolia & Rose to name a few - that work together to give skin an intense moisture boost. 

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Looks Good, Does Good  

We’ve also given our Abyssinian Oil packaging a makeover - but it’s more than just skin deep. Everything here at Beauty Kitchen is designed with sustainability in mind - and that’s as important with our ingredients as it is with our packaging. Every single element - from our rock paper labels (no trees harmed!) to our aluminium bottles are returnable & 100% recyclable. We’ve even developed our new boxes to protect glass inside, so we can minimise the amount of packaging we need to send orders, and to keep them safe when returned (more on that in the next bit). 

Return. Refill. Repeat 

 Probably the thing we’re most excited about is the launch of our ‘Return. Refill. Repeat’ program. In a nutshell, you can send your Beauty Kitchen packaging back to us (for free!) and we’ll wash it, reuse it and fill it back up in the next batch of Abyssinian Oil products - closing the loop for total end-to-end sustainability. 

Jo Chidley

“A recent study found that over 99% of beauty packaging is thrown out after one use - which - when you think of the amount of products we all go through every year - is absolutely mad. With ‘Return. Refill. Repeat’ we’re taking responsibility of that issue in our own way and making it easy for our customers to make small changes with big impact”

Beauty that Gives Back 

As a B-Corporation, we’re all about using business as a force for good. So, we donate 1% of all sales (yep, sales, not profits) to help organisations like The Seahorse Trust, ZIWA Rhino Sanctuary & Rainbows Children’s Hospice.  

“Our Abyssinian Oil range has become a customer favourite over the years and it’s still one of mine! We’re always looking to push the boundaries of sustainability and make products that you - our customers - really love. I’m so proud of this range and I hope you love it as much as I do” - Jo, Our Founder 

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