Hello 2020!

Happy New Year from the Beauty Kitchen team! We’ve had a great festive break filled with food, family and fun and now as we head into a new year, we wanted to reflect on what 2019 brought us.

This was a monumental year for us full of highlights, new experiences and celebrations. Without being boastful, we’ve outlined a few of our favourite occasions of 2019 so we can share our proud moments with you. We are so genuinely thankful for your support on all levels - it’s the small differences that make the biggest impact, and we wouldn’t be here without you!

So here goes…

1. Our Vegan & Cruelty Free Certification!

We are passionate about providing the best quality products without harming anyone in the process. This is why we never have, and never will test any of our products on animals – we even make sure our suppliers are cruelty free too, so we are assured that our products and ingredients are 100% animal testing free.

2019 was the year that every single one of our products became Leaping Bunny certified by Cruelty Free International. There are plenty of cruelty-free logos (some more official than others) on products out there, but the Leaping Bunny Certification is the only certification by the CCIC (Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics) which bands together eight national animal protection groups to create a single, internationally recognised and reliable standard.

Along with this, we also became involved with The Vegan Society! All our products are vegetarian, with over 95% of them being vegan (we use sustainably sourced beeswax, which is a waste product of the honey industry, in some products). Of course we wanted to proudly show this off, so just look out for the trademark on our products.

 2. Sustainable Products

2019 has been the year of exciting natural and sustainable Beauty Kitchen launches including our Zero Plastic Eco-Glitter Balm and the entire organic & vegan ‘The Sustainables’ hair & body range – both of which are included in our RETURN • REFILL • REPEAT scheme. We even relaunched two of our existing ranges, so we could make our Abyssinian Oil and Seahorse Plankton+ products even more effective and of course, even more sustainable.

3. Introducing RETURN • REFILL • REPEAT

Another launch we have been incredibly pleased about is our refill scheme! We know it can be difficult transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle, so we wanted to make sustainable and conscious choices an easy option for everyone. Recycling has of course been a vital part of sustainable living for years, and although this is incredibly important, we champion REUSE as a more positive and energy efficient alternative. 95% of packaging is thrown away in the beauty industry alone, so we wanted to come up with a way to combat this. With RETURN • REFILL • REPEAT, you can now send any empty Beauty Kitchen products with the logo below back to us (or to a Holland & Barrett store) where we will then wash them ready for the next batch.

If you’re ever unsure whether your product is included in the refill scheme though, just send the packaging back to us anyway and we will handle the recycling of the product for you!

4. The Refill Revolution

We’ve mentioned our refill scheme, but in 2019 we also revealed our refill machine in Boots Covent Garden! Boots opened its doors to their Store of the Future back in June as a sustainable way to shop, with a focus on wellness, no plastic bags in sight and a rehydration point where customers can refill their (hopefully non-plastic) water bottles. We were incredibly excited to be involved in this new venture.

Our refill station is designed to put reusability in your hands - all you need to do is pick up a bottle for life (like a bag for life, but for your cosmetics) and fill it up with our sustainable shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and hand wash. Come back time and time again whenever you need a top up. Just like that, you’re single handedly helping to lower the percentage of single use beauty packaging that is usually thrown out. Watch this space for our 2020 plans for the refill machine…

5. Sustainable Lifestyle Awards

2019 brought many recognitions and awards for us, including being CEW finalists again and our Founder Jo being named number 2 on the Who’s Who list for the second year running to name a few. Most recently, we were named Skincare Brand of the Year by the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards. This award aims to highlight conscious creators who are devoted to making products with positive social and environmental impacts. We take pride in being a sustainable brand and it’s incredible to being noticed for it more and more!

6. Giving Back

As the first beauty brand in the UK to become a certified B Corporation, we have always had the ethos of choosing people over profit. Which is why we donate 2% of our sales (not profits) to various organisations that are close to our hearts including Plastic Soup Foundation, The Seahorse Trust and also In Kind Direct. There’s a whole blog on how we help In Kind Direct here but in short, we are incredibly happy to say that we’ve helped over 430 charitable organisations across the UK, including 44 in our beloved Scotland with In Kind Direct!

We love being a part of helping these organisations in any way, and will continue to do so throughout the next year and beyond.

7. The Beauty Kitchen Tribe

We are so lucky and forever grateful to have such a supportive community around us, and we had the chance to work with some amazing people last year. We launched our new blog feature 'Beauty Kitchen Meets..." and so far we've chatted the amazing green makeup artist Lou Dartford, as well as the incredible eco-angel Simone Murphy. We can't wait to see who else we will get to chat all things sustainable with in 2020.

As we head into the new year, we want to get more of you involved in the Beauty Kitchen Tribe. Whether that's tagging us in your social posts, starting a conversation with us around sustainability in the comments, or messaging us with any of your ideas. We want to make a positive impact in the industry, and we need your help and support to do this!


As you can see, 2019 has a been jam packed for us and we are delighted to see how much we have grown and made an impact to the industry already. From beginning our sustainable story based in Glasgow, to now working with Holland & Barrett, Boots, Sainsbury’s, ASOS & Feel Unique just to name a few – we are incredibly honoured to have this much support! Once again thank you to everyone who has stood by us to help create change within the industry and make more sustainable conscious choices. We can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!