Certified Plastic Free Beauty

We celebrated Plastic Free Beauty Day just this week and we are coming up to a whole MONTH dedicated to Plastic Free July which we are incredibly excited about! So much important awareness is being raised currently around the topic of plastic pollution and we want to carry on the conversations and talk about the positive impacts we want to make within the beauty industry and beyond.

What's the issue?

  • Globally, the beauty industry produces over 142 billion units of packaging each year
  • Most of this packaging ends up in landfills
  • 95% of beauty packaging is thrown out after just one use
  • Only 9% of plastic is recycled globally
  • Over 500 microplastic filled ingredients can legally be used in the formulations
  • The cosmetics industry uses 8,700 tonnes of microplastics each year
  • All plastic ever made still exists one way or another in our environment

What's the solution? 

Listen below to find out! We caught up with our good friends Plastic Soup Foundation to talk everything relating to plastic packaging, our certified microplastic free formulations and how we are pioneering our Return•Refill•Repeat programme, the world's first closed loop solution for packaging!