Businesses that are Doing More to #BetheChange

So, we’ve filled you in on the ins and outs of B Corp, B Corp Month and what B Corp means to us in our last blog. Now we wanted to recognise and celebrate a few other B Corp certified companies that take their social and environmental responsibility and impact seriously! Read till the end for a nice B Corp surprise from us all…

It’s been an amazing 4 years since we first became B Corp certified and we couldn’t be prouder to say that we’re now in the process of gaining a higher B Corp score since working towards a Cradle to Cradle certification (more on this soon). With that in mind, we wanted to shout about some other B Corps that are leading the way for sustainable and inclusive change all over the world…and genuinely making a difference!


We doubt these guys need much of introduction, we can guarantee that you’ve tried one of their deliciously scrumptious drinks before…but did you know that Innocent were a B Corp!? These guys have been doing good since the first time they sold their smoothies at a music festival back in 1999 but can now proudly say they are B Corp certified too. Innocent only use sustainably sourced ingredients in their products, working with Rainforest Alliance™ and using recycled plastic or FSC certified cartons for packaging.

Like us, they also give a percentage of their profits to charity, most of which goes their own Innocent Foundation, which funds projects in the UK and all over the world to alleviate hunger.


Finisterre, literally meaning ‘end of the earth’ or ‘land’s end’ were established in 2003 down in beautiful Cornwall. Since the very beginning they’ve had sustainability at the core of their business, designing functional and sustainable products for those that share a love of the sea.

Central to Finesterre’s mission is circular sourcing, which includes using renewable and recyclable textiles and biodegradable natural fibres and finishes. See more information on all of the fabrics that go into making the products here. They go as far as creating additional items such as tote bags and wallets in their Fabric Use-Up scheme, to ensure no excess material goes to waste, and even have a repair scheme so your clothing can last even longer.

Recently, Finesterre developed their ‘Leave No Trace’ garment bags that are water soluble, recyclable, biodegradable and break down harmlessly into non-toxic biomass in soil and sea. We love that despite costing twice as much as standard garment bags, they still thought it was a price worth paying to protect the planet from single use plastic!

Pip & Nut

In case you were wondering, the Pip in ‘Pip & Nut’ is in fact a real person…she’s been mixing up palm-oil free nut butters in her kitchen since 2013! Based in London, the business became officially B Corp certified in 2019.

I firmly believe that brands that look after both profit and purpose – and put them on a level footing – will, in the long run, have longevity.” – Pippa Murray, founder of Pip & Nut

Look out for their nut butters (our favourite is the almond butter!) and incredibly tasty nut butter cups. Even the chocolate they use is ethically sourced form Chocolate who work directly with farmers and a local community in Columbia to invest in educational and biodiversity programmes. 

Pukka Herbs

Now who doesn’t love a good cuppa? We’re all tea addicts here at the Beauty Kitchen HQ and we always make sure we’re stocked up on Pukka’s organic teas and supplements to get us through the day!

There are many reasons to why Pukka have scored so high with B Corp, including that they work with FairWild to guarantee that the plants they use been harvested in a sustainable way and the collectors have been paid fairly for their work. Pukka are also incredibly transparent about their carbon footprint with their ‘crop to cup’, where they map the carbon footprint from the fields they grow their herbs, to the minute you sit down and take a sip.

Watch out world – there are positive changes ahead.” - Tim Westwell, Pukka’s co-founder.

Now, none of us are claiming that we are the perfect company…even with our B Corp status. In fact, the whole point of us investing time into being a B Corp is that we are always aiming to do more and be better! To celebrate these incredible companies and the work we are all achieving together to #BtheChange, we’ve all put together a special B Corp Month giveaway! Head to our Instagram to find out how you can get your hands on the following: