Beauty Kitchen’s Sustainable Black Friday

The US craze of Black Friday has washed over to our UK shores with a bang, and it’s getting bigger by the year. The hype around this event brings endless queues outside shops, a mountain of emails and pressured choices when it comes to buying into a bargain.

In fact, the frenzy of Black Friday alone will see 82,000 vans and trucks on UK roads, with the concern of air pollution spikes and of course a mass amount of plastic waste - most of it unrecyclable. But here at Beauty Kitchen, we’re doing things a little differently…

Introducing the Beauty Kitchen Sustainable Black Friday! We’re keeping it simple. No teasers, no catch...just an easy to follow 70% off all items in our outlet from the 18th November to the 2nd December.

“Black Friday is a time filled with rushed decisions and pressured purchases. We receive so much support from our Beauty Kitchen community who have supported our values and ethos, so we wanted to give you the opportunity to take part in a more Sustainable Black Friday where we can all make more conscious, less time-limited choices. Black Friday is a trend…but sustainability is here to stay…” - Jo, our founder.

All our Beauty Kitchen goodies are created with the end in mind, made with sustainable & recyclable packaging and absolutely no microplastics. Of course, everything is made with natural ingredients and is completely cruelty free. Did we mention we also donate 2% off all our sales (not profits) to charity too! Make a more a conscious choice this Black Friday with Beauty Kitchen. 

Discount code BLACKFRIDAY70 will automatically be applied at check out. Visit our Sustainable Black Friday Outlet here.

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