Our Refill Stations Have Arrived!


Our Return · Refill · Repeat refill stations have arrived and it’s all thanks to you, our founding members of the #ReuseRevolution!


You may remember that we announced plans to launch 1000 Refill Stations across the UK earlier this year in a bid to save over 100 million single use bottles. Our tactics shifted slightly (thanks COVID-19!) but our mission and vision has always been to create a more sustainable future. So our plans to launch the Refill Stations have now swiftly been put back on track. Goodbye single use plastic…hello to the #ReuseRevolution!

We’re making sustainable beauty accessible to all with our Return · Refill · Repeat programme so you’re going to be seeing this logo much more from now on. Starting with ASDA’s new sustainability store in Middleton, Leeds where we’ve launched our first three Return · Refill · Repeat refill stations!

In partnership with Unilever, these three machines dispense beauty and personal care products including Radox shower gel, Simple liquid handwash and Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner along with Persil laundry liquid. Just pick up one of our reusable aluminium Return · Refill · Repeat ‘bottles for life’ and use this again and again. You can even track the history of your refill bottle by scanning the accompanying QR code to see how many times it’s been refilled. It has never been easier or quicker to make a sustainable choice as our refill stations dispense 500ml of product in just 15 seconds!

“The need to act on the plastic pollution crisis is urgent and focusing on sustainability within retail is a vital part of the solution. This exciting partnership with Unilever to power our Return · Refill · Repeat refill stations has been a crucial point in creating a sustainable future and instilling a reuse mindset. We are facing a plastic crisis and every one of us has a responsibility to collectively make a change.


A huge thank you to RBC Group who have developed and manufactured the refill stations exclusively for us, and a HUGE well done to the entire Beauty Kitchen team for this monumental progress in our Return · Refill · Repeat journey. The Reuse Revolution is here to stay.” – Jo Chidley, Founder of Beauty Kitchen

The Return · Refill · Repeat refill station, like all our other Beauty Kitchen products, has been designed using cradle to cradle principles meaning reusability is at the heart and nothing will go to waste. The actual machines can be remanufactured or updated eliminating further waste, and the bottles will be collected by us as part of the Return • Refill • Repeat programme where we will wash and reuse them again and again.

We’ll be introducing more refill stations across the UK throughout 2021 so keep an eye out for our latest news and let us know where you want to see the next ones installed!