Join the Refill Revolution - Meet our Refill Station at Boots Covent Garden Store

Pop into the new Boots superstore and pick up a bottle for life!

There’s no doubt about it, a change in how we use beauty packaging could have a huge positive impact on sustainability. Did you know that over 95% of beauty packaging is thrown out after just one use? To bring that percentage down, we launched ‘Return ·  Refill · Repeat’ earlier this year.

Today, we’re excited to announce our next step in the sustainable packaging revolution - our new refill station at Boots Covent Garden store of the future!

Image by dfg.veg

“We absolutely love the Beauty Kitchen bar, a new refill station concept being introduced into the store so we can top up our shampoos, hand wash and body wash without contributing to the country’s single-use plastic waste problem.” - Glamour Magazine

The new Boots store has been given a sustainable makeover - with a water refill station, new paper bags (goodbye plastic bags!) and a sustainable living aisle where you can find our refill station.

Our refill station is designed to put reusability in your hands - all you need to do is pick up a bottle for life (like a bag for life, but for your cosmetics) and fill it up with our sustainable shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and hand wash right there in Boots. Come back time and time again whenever you need a top up and ta-daaahh -  just like that, you’re single-handedly helping to lower that percentage of beauty packaging that’s thrown out after just one use.

“Reusability is better than recycling, because it cuts out the recycling process and means there’s much less risk of it going to landfill. We’re the first beauty brand in the world to set up something like Return ·  Refill · Repeat, but it’s not a new idea - we’ve simply taken inspiration from the milkman, then applied it to beauty. Our refill station is just another step towards this vision and to have it in one of the best stores in the country is so great to see” - Jo Chidley, Our Founder


For now, our refill station is exclusively in Boots Covent Garden store, but stay tuned for more releases around the country.