Beauty Kitchen Meets…Simone Murphy

Here at Beauty Kitchen HQ we love meeting with and chatting to people who are just as passionate about sustainable living and natural beauty as we are. This week we’ve had the chance to catch up with the insanely beautiful Simone Murphy. The eco-angel, environmental activist, presenter AND model has taken a moment out of her busy schedule to let us know about what sustainability means to her and the struggles of living a conscious lifestyle in the world of modelling:

Beauty Kitchen: We’ve always been a brand that’s about sustainability whilst encouraging change in the industry, and we know you’ve always been an advocate for tackling environmental issues (especially with the recent Climate Strikes). Can you tell us a little bit about what prompted your interest in this?

Simone: I think like a lot of young people the phrase ‘climate change’ has always been a part of my life but I had no idea about the severity until very recently. Going vegan about five years ago definitely opened my eyes to a lot of issues but living in Cape Town last year was when I first started really looking at single use plastic waste and how I could cut down on using it.

 Beauty Kitchen: Leading a sustainable lifestyle isn’t easy, so do you have any advice on how to make more small conscious choices? After all it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest impact!

Simone: I completely agree, what’s worked for me is to make small but very deliberate changes. For instance, I started with my diet, then my wardrobe and then began looking at my makeup and skincare options. It’s a very individual process.

Currently, I’m figuring out how to work as a digital influencer and be more eco-friendly which has been the most challenging as it’s one of my primary sources of income, but the more I look into the horrors of fast-fashion etc the more I realise I need to carve my own way. It’s a slow process because I’m still trying to ensure I have enough money to live in London, and I do get a lot of hate online if I have to take a certain job, but I’m hoping to be 100% eco-friendly by next year and have started thrifting more and building fashion looks around re-loved pieces.

Beauty Kitchen: Now the seasons are changing, what’s your top tips when it comes to taking care of yourself?

I find seasonal changes really hard on my body and skin so do like to boost myself with supplements (especially vitamin D going into winter!) and notice that I need a lot more moisture in my skin. I’ve noticed switching from oil products to thicker creams works really well!

Beauty Kitchen: How important is it to you that When you look to skincare, body products and makeup, do you prefer to invest in natural brands? What’s one item of skincare that you couldn’t live without?

Simone: Absolutely! It makes complete sense to me that we should only be putting natural things into (or on) our skin! I’ve gotten really into rose-hip oil in the last year and sometimes even mix it with my foundation for a dewier look.

Beauty Kitchen: Lastly, we are proud to be a Scottish brand and know that you are from Edinburgh, right? Where’s your favourite place to get away to in Scotland?

Simone: Yes, Edinburgh born and bred! My favourite place in Scotland is actually further north in Perthshire - where my grandparents live. I love going for dog walks with my family in the hills, it’s just nice to be in the quiet and clean air compared to my day-to-day in London.

We’ve had such an amazing time chatting to Simone, especially about natural beauty. Our Abyssinian Oil Facial Oil is jam packed full of incredibly nourishing oils including Abyssinian of course (which is even more hydrating than argan oil), Sweet Almond, Coconut, Olive, Raspberry Seed and Simone’s favourite, Rosehip Oil! This supercharged treat is a lightweight but intense moisture boost to hydrate for a glowing and radiant complexion. Perfect for this time of year when skin is feeling a bit battered by the Autumn/Winter weather!


Keep up to date with Simone on Instagram and Twitter @sim0nemurphy ♥️