A Beauty Kitchen Bonfire Night

November the 5th is a night to remember and will of course bring bonfires, fireworks and the chance to cosy up to loved ones in warm knits. It’s also a time to give a little thought to the impact that this particular night can have, and what small changes can be made for a slightly more environmentally friendly celebration this year.

Build a Better Bonfire

This may be an obvious point to make, but it is incredibly important not to burn any highly flammable materials on an open fire. Not only can this be unsafe, but also cause pollution so try to avoid burning your unwanted items including firelighters, oil, rubber or plastics. Instead opt for natural materials like untreated wood or even dry leaves and garden waste!

Ditch the Sparklers + Keep Your Hands Warm Instead

Burning up to 2,000 degrees, these mini fireworks are powerful and pretty, but the nature of the materials used to create sparklers make them incredibly difficult to recycle. It may be tempting to celebrate with them, but this year why not keep your hands nice and warm in a cosy pair of gloves for the night instead.

Speaking of hands, the cold can tend to dry skin out so it might be time to treat them to a little TLC after a chilly bonfire night. Our Seahorse Plankton+ hand duo is just the thing for nourished and completely hydrated skin. Revitalise hands with our 60 Second Manicure (link) which contains collagen boosting marine-algae and Himalayan salt to gently exfoliate. Then follow with our rich and luxurious hand cream for ultimate two-step treat.

Inspired by the smell of a campfire on the beach at sunset, brought to life with blue chamomile, seaweed, cedarwood and frankincense - very fitting for bonfire night! Made with natural ingredients this dreamy duo is perfect for the most sensitive of skins and even for the little ones. On a side note, our entire Seahorse Plankton+ range is vegan, cruelty free and seahorse friendly – we source the micro algae from our own bioreactors, so we don’t have to take anything from the sea itself. 

Attend a Public Display

Fireworks of course aren’t that great for the environment…yes, they look fantastic, but they do release toxic chemicals into the air causing pollution. They are the prettiest of pollutants some might say. The best way to be a bit eco-friendlier with your fireworks is to attend a bigger display, for example one being held by a local charity or organisations like the National Trust (link). Getting together in one place for a fireworks display means less emissions polluting the air than holding lots of small private displays.

Remember to stay warm and safe this bonfire night, but most of all…have fun!

For more information on firework safety see here.