A B Corp International Women's Day!

It’s B Corp Month AND International Women’s Day this weekend! To celebrate both, we’ve chatted to Celia Pool & Alec Mills, the founders and brains behind DAME - a company who have created the first reusable tampon applicator. Read on to find how we want to highlight and discuss a topic that’s very fitting for a day that celebrates women.

Ladies…it's time to bring periods and feminine hygiene into the 21st Century and ensure young girls become confident women! Sadly, as a culture we’re still embarrassed to talk about periods. Guaranteed, our experiences aren’t all the same - however it’s something that should be spoken about loudly and proudly (no matter what your gender really).

DAME are here to change the way we all think about periods, sanitary products and how they impact our planet. Ultimately, just like us and our beauty products, DAME are rethinking personal care by reducing its environmental footprint without compromising on performance or design!

The Issue

Again, it revolves around waste & plastic pollution – an issue that we are tackling with our sustainable products and Return • Refill • Repeat packaging. Over 1.3 billon disposable tampon applicators are thrown away in the UK every year (100 billion globally) and at least 90% of these products contain plastic and are single-use. In fact, there’s enough plastic in your average pad to make four plastic bags and even more in plastic applicators!

What’s worse, most non-organic period products are deemed bio hazards, meaning they are neither biodegradable nor recyclable. Like beauty packaging and the issues that we are trying to tackle here at Beauty Kitchen, most of this waste ends up in landfill and even our oceans. It’s estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean (tonne for tonne) than fish. This is of course an issue that effects everyone, not just women…but we might as well join forces now to stop the plastic pollution, starting with our period and hygiene products!

Meet D. & The Sustainables

What’s the name of this reusable applicator you ask?...just call her D! Designed to fit all tampon sizes, this applicator is created with medical grade materials to ensure it's more comfortable than a disposable applicator. Its self-sanitising technology makes it super easy to clean too. No boiling, no wet wipes…just a quick rinse under the tap is all you need, then pop it back in the breathable zip bag! So far DAME has saved over 300 million pieces of plastic going to waste by women switching to a D. They are also carbon neutral certified, the first brand to receive this certification as they double offset all their emissions.

We also wanted to also give a proud mention to our Fragrance Free range from The Sustainables collection! Created with sensitive skin in mind, this has no added essential oils so is perfect for use from any age. These products are completely vegan, cruelty free and only made with natural ingredients such as coconut oil and aloe vera. Of course, this range is included in our return programme where we will wash your empties ready for use in the next batch for true sustainability!

They’re B Corp Certified

As a fellow B Corp and seeing as it’s B Corp month where we’re celebrating others, it’s only fair to get a few words from DAME themselves:

“Sustainability is ingrained in everything we do. Last year we conducted a full carbon footprint analysis to fully understand the impact of our materials, production, transportation, disposal, and usage.

As a first step we offset our carbon footprint twice over, to leave a net positive impact and certify as Carbon Neutral Plus - the first brand in the UK to gain this accreditation.

And that’s why certifying as a B Corp was so important to us at DAME. It demonstrates to consumers that we are committed to using business as a force for good. It’s the only certification out there that measures a business' entire social and environmental impact. But the great thing is that B Corp standards now inform all our decisions and business practices.” - Celia Pool, one of DAME's Co-Founders.

Read our previous blog on B Corp to find out more!

So, with that said, let’s celebrate International Women’s Day by being period pioneers! We’re a female led business here at Beauty Kitchen and like us, DAME is also committed to encouraging other companies to start a recruitment drive to get more women on board.

Head to our social media platforms this Sunday to find out how you can win a DAME Applicator Set as well as a Beauty Kitchen Fragrance Free bar soap, body wash & body cream!

We’ve celebrated companies that are not only B Corps but are here to also make a difference – and DAME do exactly this. Visit DAME’s website (link) now or social media to keep up to date with them!