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All of our ingredients are natural, organic where possible, and we are trying to source them as close to home as possible. This is harder than it sounds! We will always balance organic vs natural vs locality and cost. We are constantly looking to for new 100% natural ingredient sources and welcome your ideas.

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These are your beauty products. If you have any ideas, questions or recommendations please contact us. We will be 100% open with you and welcome your feedback.

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Fine Sea Salt
It is as local as we can get it and everyone we have tried it on says it is as good as Dead Sea salt. It is rich in minerals and microelements and its fine granules make a great body, hand or face scrub. 100% natural and organic from the UK.

Coarse Sea Salt
If it's good enough for your favourite meal and Jamie O just imagine what it can do for your skin. The coarse texture makes it ideal to throw in the bath. 100% natural and organic from the UK.

Epsom Salt
In 1618 a farmer in Epsom, England, found his cows were unhappy drinking the water due to its bitter taste. He noticed that the water healed scratches and rashes. It didn't take long before local lore and word of mouth spread the word. It now has dozens of claims to fame! From detoxing to pain relief, de-stressing to improving circulation......but most importantly it is packed full of nutrients and makes a great scrub or bath additive. 100% natural.

British Soft Dark Brown Sugar
If you're not sweet enough already, go on spoil your body. We've managed to find sugar that is grown and refined in Britain. The crystals are slightly coarser than fine salt so it's only for hardened scrubbers! Apparently it's popular with Mick Jagger! 100% natural from the UK.

British White Sugar
If you're not sweet enough already, go on spoil your body. We've managed to find sugar that is grown and refined in Britain. The crystals are slightly coarser than fine salt so it's only for hardened scrubbers! 100% natural from the UK.

Heather Buds
Heather is known to sooth & relieve aches and pains, good job we have taken the prickly bits out! Don't worry if you have not got any aches & pains...we think these heather flowers make a stunningly colourful addition to any product. 100% natural from the Czech Republic (we are working on sourcing this closer to home!).

Stinging Nettle
Believe it or not we've taken the sting out of this so it is the perfect comforting and calming addition to your beauty products. 100% natural from Albania (we are working on sourcing this closer to home!).

Wild-crafted Rose Petal
Simply red, aromatic and romantic. Whether you are spoiling yourself or someone else add this to your products to make them that little bit special. 100% natural from India (we are working on sourcing this closer to home!).

Wild-crafted Marigold Flower
We love this yellow flower for a no fuss pure cleansing experience. Why did you think those yellow washing up gloves are called Marigolds? 100% natural from India (we are working on sourcing this closer to home!).

Bitter Orange
If you want an even more intense scrub, add these brightening and exfoliating granules to your body scrub. There not the colour of orange skins but they will help to stop your skin having the texture of one! 100% natural from Spain.

Wild-crafted Seaweed
Known to nourish and de-stress, this one of our favourite ingredients. So simple it is brilliant. Perfect with our sea salts or prawn toast! 100% natural from France.

Fragrant Rosemary
A kitchen favourite that has so many benefits for your body. Add this for some skin therapy and stimulation. 100% natural from Spain.

Classic Sage
A relaxing and antibacterial ingredient that will help you and your skin clean up ready for whatever life throws at you. 100% natural from Albania (we are working on sourcing this closer to home!).

Cranberry Seeds
The cranberry fruit is rich in anti-oxidants. The seed produces a rich oil which leaves your skin feeling exfoliated but soft. 100% natural from the UK.

Beauty Kitchen Base Oil Blends
The key to all products is that you get the basics right. We think our base oil blends are the most luxurious moisturising oils that you will find. We've tried hundreds and think that we have just about cracked it!

Body scrub base oil blend - Ingredients: Sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, sesame oil, organic extra virgin olive oil. 100% natural.
Bath oil base blend - Ingredients: Sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, sesame oil, organic hemp seed oil. 100% natural.

Benzoin Resinoid
Although Benzoin sounds very synthetic it is a 100% natural preservative and antiseptic. We use it in most of our essential oil blends because it is a blood flow stimulating warming oil that provides a protective film on the skin to help retain the moisture and goodies that the rest of our ingredients are putting in.

Essential Oil Blends
We only use pure essential oils to fragrance our products. This way you get all of the benefits of each essential oil plus great smells without the synthetic nasties used in manufactured fragrances. Think of it as making a sauce from scratch rather than from a packet!

Chill Me Essential Oil
A relaxing and calming blend of some of natures finest chill out ingredients.
Ingredients: Benzoin resinoid, organic lavender, petitgrain, eucalyptus, clary sage, geranium, ylang ylang, bay, organic rosemary. 100% natural high grade pure essential oils.

Spoil Me Essential Oil
An indulging and soothing blend of natures sensuous smells.
Ingredients: Cedarwood viginian, benzoin resiniod, petitgrain, aniseed, fir needle, bay, mandarin, coriander, orange sweet. 100% natural high grade pure essential oils.

Inspire Me Essential Oil
A vitalising and rejuvenating mix of uplifting ingredients to put that little sparkle back in your eyes.
Ingredients: Orange sweet, litsea maychange, lemongrass, spearmint, basil, grapefruit, fennel, mandarin red, peppermint. 100% natural high grade pure essential oils.

Arouse Me Essential Oil
A sparkling and provocative blend. You may find it hard to resist it once you've tried it!
Ingredients: Orange sweet, cedarwood viginian, benzoin resinoid, mandarin red, cinnamon, petitgrain, clove bud, ginger, ylang ylang, geranium, patchouli, lemon. 100% natural high grade pure essential oils.

Refresh Me Minty Essential Oil
A cooling and tingling blend that will leave you feeling refreshed and clean. Minty magic!
Ingredients: Lemon, peppermint, spearmint, organic lavender, benzoin resinoid. 100% natural high grade pure essential oils.

Wake Me Citrus Essential Oil
An energising and uplifting zingy mix, it will get you going morning, noon or night.
Ingredients: Mandarin green, orange sweet, grapefruit, benzoin resinoid, lemon, palmarosa. 100% natural high grade pure essential oils.

Love Me Essential Oil
The perfect gift for every occasion. An uplifting blend of cinnamon and orange, plus evocative fir needle.
Ingredients: Orange sweet, cedarwood, cinnamon leaf, mandarin red, patchouli, clove bud, frankincense, ginger, coriander, benzoin resinoid, pine needle, chamomile, peru balsam

Vegetable Glycerin
Completely vegetable derived this makes your beauty products that little bit smoother as you apply them. It is a great moisturiser and is used in its pure form to treat serious skin conditions. 100% natural.

Pure Vitamin E Oil
An antioxidant that not only helps to extend the shelf life of the product but also of your skin! 100% natural.

Beauty Kitchen Experience

2hr Beauty Kitchen Experience Session £40

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Customer Reviews

Ruth Scott
Had a WONDERFUL day at Beauty Kitchen yesterday with the wonderful Josie. Thank you for everything - all your special touches made our day so memorable and we will definitely be back!
read more »

Tracey Balkwill
The scrub I made smells great. Will be popping in for some Christmas pressies in the next few weeks
read more »

Craig Alexander Wilson (Sunday Mail beauty Guru)
The apron was on and I was elbow deep, mixing up my very own body scrub. I loved it!
read more »

Ann-Marie Martin
I love my body scrub, it makes me feels so alive and I use a little every morning!
read more »

Linda Moir
The first time I used Beauty Kitchen products in the shower I had to have another one straight away because the products were so fabulous!
read more »

Tessa Sewell
Went to Beauty Kitchen for a girlie day with my sister and daughter and we had a fabulous time! Thank you Josie for making bath bombs so much fun! We have booked to go back in December for body scrub course. 
read more »

Lauren Ellison
We all had a great day, thanks for making it so enjoyable. Unfortunately we had to run off before all of us got our hand massages – shame but we had our high tea to get to so can’t complain! Thanks again to both of you.
read more »

Jacqueline Campbell
 Just wanted to say how much my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the bath bomb class yesterday. As soon as we stepped into your shop, we totally relaxed and knew it was going to be a fantastic experience. It's a wee chunk of heaven! 
read more »

Amanda Loudon
Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful time we had at the Beauty Kitchen. My daughter and I attended on Sunday and had such a lovely time, the body scrubs are wonderful (although still waiting for the cellulite to disappear!!!!). Thank you once again.
read more »

Sarah and Ann Reid
Many thanks to Josie, she is so passionate and enthusiastic about everything Beauty Kitchen represents and made our afternoon such a lovely experience. Beauty Kitchen, your products are wonderful and our wee session provided us with lots of ideas. Many thanks.
read more »

Fiona Ansdell
Thanks for a great workshop the other night! My hands felt amazing after the hand scrub.
read more »

Keara Fulton
Everyone really enjoyed the workshop, with the girls still talking about & trying their scrubs (most did so that very night)! I put a recommendation up on your facebook site&will be passing on your details to all my Glasgow pals. Thank you again.
read more »

Lauren McGonigal
 We all loved it thank you.

I used my face mask last night and it was just amazing! Very impressed. :-)

read more »

After a long hot Summers day there is nothing better than a nice cool soak&scrub. Beauty Kitchen sell a range of lovely beauty products&sent me one of their body scrubs over. The Arouse Me Himalayan Body Scrub contains real Himalayan salts to give a deep cleansing scrub. 
read more »

Joan Radford
Just wanted to say my daughter Anna & I had a lovely afternoon yesterday at the Bath Bomb workshop. It was great fun as well as interesting & informative. Josie is great at what she does & put everyone at ease from the start.

read more »

Martin Thomas
My mother & I had a wonderful fun afternoon making our bath-bombs today. Just wanted to say thank you & we will definitely be back, maybe even bring the kids next time! Josie the instructor was very informative about all the 100% essential oils, & they all smell AMAZING! 

read more »

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